Zach Roerig Chats with Hollywood Life, THR, Alloy, TV Fanatic & Huffington Post

Well it’s about time! Zach Roerig has been making the rounds chatting it up with Hollywood Life, The Hollywood Reporter, Alloy’s Official Vampire Diaries site, TV Fanatic and Huffington Post. Check out excerpts from his interviews where he talks about his relationship with Elena, Humble Pie, Matt’s dancing skills, “Special Teams” and being the “fourth girlfriend”….can we handle all of this? Sure we can! Please click each link to read each interview!

Via Hollywood Life:

Matt’s drama is very much tied into everyone else’s. Will we see him get his own problems anytime soon?

“I think the only original drama you’ll see from Matt stems from his relationship with Elena — from when they were to kids to what they’ve matured into, and how they got there. If you remember, at the beginning of the series, you see Matt and Elena in the hallway, and you can tell they weren’t friends anymore. He’s probably got a chip on his shoulder from that, and he’s just starting to fully understand what’s happening.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

THR: Earlier this season, Matt risked his life to see his sister Vicki again. What’s the likelihood of a similar situation like that popping up?

Roerig: I don’t see Matt killing himself any time soon. I think he learned his lesson from that one. I see Matt acting daring or rash; he doesn’t have a superpower or anything to act on but he still is that hero at heart. He just doesn’t have the ammunition the other guys [have]. I think he would still put his life in danger for those he loves.

THR: Will he get more power in coming weeks?

Roerig: No, I don’t think so. I’m not searching for that and I don’t think the writers are either. Matt is a nice piece of humble pie for Mystic Falls and that’s the important reason for him staying behind. I don’t think he can leave Elena for too long. She, in some aspects, really does need Matt in her life.

Via Alloy’s Vampire Diaries:

On shooting “Dangerous Liaisons”:

TVD: Everyone looks amazing! What was it like shooting such a fancy episode –was there a different vibe on set?

Zach: Oh yea definitely! We were all carrying ourselves a bit differently – very, not stiff, but we all had a very good posture about us, everything seemed to flow. When we were walking it’s sort of a like [starts singing] “bada pom pom / bada pom pom.” [Laughs] We all took ballroom dancing lessons before we shot the episode so that was a blast. And, yea, there’s something about being in a fitted tux – it just kind of grabs you and transforms you.

Via TV Fanatic:

Matt is all about making smart moves these days. He seems, in many ways, to be the only voice of reason in town, making the keen observation last Thursday that no one will ever be safe in Mystic Falls. Roerig compares Matt’s understanding of where he fits in to positions on a football team.

“He’s not the quarterback of this team,” the actor says. “But he’s a key member of the special teams and he’ll be wherever his friends need him to be.”

Via Huffington Post:

In last week’s episode, Klaus teased Damon and Stefan with the idea that if they wanted Elena to have a happy life, they should let her be with Matt. Is this going to cause any friction between him and the Salvatore brothers?

I wouldn’t say that the Salvatore brothers will be looking over Matt at this point, but I think that it’s well-known between Bonnie, Caroline and Elena that Matt is a very important part of their lives. They really need him to be there, and so I wouldn’t expect Damon and Stefan to give him too much grief, or else they’ll have three very upset women to deal with. [Laughs.] The vampire-witch-doppleganger combo can be deadly.

Do you feel like you’re sort of like the fourth girlfriend in that group?

I am kind of like the fourth girlfriend! I don’t really mind it though. It’s like Matt just sits there and he’s like, “Yeah, I used to date you, but I lost you to my werewolf friend. I used to date you, but then I lost you to a pair of vampire brothers” [Laughs.] So I’m not quite sure what good it is for Matt’s morale, but you’ve got to have friends.

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