Zach Roerig cast as Matt Honeycutt in Vampire Diaries

More Vampire Diaries Casting scoop!


Friday Night Lights hottie Zach Roerig has just been cast as Matt Honeycutt in the Vampire Diaries. Of course, Variety has all the scoop!

What do you think about Zach as Matt? Your comments are more than welcome!

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  1. I agree that this guy will be a great Matt. He is good looking in the “boy-next-door” kind of way.

  2. exactly, hes wat i imagined him as too! cept’ he has a lil bit of darker hair from wat i imagined..

  3. Sigh…can’t have it can we? If that were possible, the rest of the cast would actually fit the characters.

  4. well…he’s ok.
    i thought matt would look less…..matured. but that guy’s good enough.

  5. he’s hot but he’s not suppose to be i mean have you read the books seriously get it right or don’t do it at all

  6. This sucks. Why is Matt way hotter than Stefan… I guess I have a new favorite

  7. wow! he’s rreeeaaally cute, but im really disappointed that he is way hotter than stephan or damon.

  8. what why cant this be stephan huhthis can not be matt he is supose to look omg this sucks and i seen a picture of stephan he is not hot

  9. OK, he’s taking away from DAMON, and that’s just not right. He’s the ONLY ONE who actually fits right! ELENA’S BLONDE!!! Where is Meredith in this show? Who the hell is that guy that Stefan is talking to for advice or whatever in the preview. What happened to the graveyard incident with Tyler? Isn’t that the whole start of everything? AND Damon is supposed to give Elena her diary back, not Stefan! Gr. I like Matt a lot, but he isn’t supposed to compare to the brothers, and he is the best-looking one there. I’m not sure how far I’m going to get with this show.

  10. I’m a friend of Zach’s from his home town and he is a dirty blonde. I think his hair might have been wet in that photo shoot. He’ll be great and we’re all excited to see our hometown boy in this new series. Best of luck Zach!

  11. no no no !! he is not a matt !! matt is suppose to look more innocent this guy looks like he can be in a porno!! ughhhh damn they did this whole show wrong …..they got the charcthers all messed up….why did l.j smith let them do tht to her work of art book …….=[ saddness is going to hit the town of fells church …again !

  12. I think he is so good for the part. Alot of people keep on mistaking Steven McQueen(Jeremy Gilbert) the guy who plays Matt. I think Zack is perfect. His hair isn’t blond coz they obviously changed it for his role. x.

  13. love the vampire diaries never missed an episode

    it is the best thing to do with vampires ever


    the actors are hot as!!

  14. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the nice work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  15. Im DEFINITELY not watching the show it will ruin the books for me, and matt is not supposed to be hotter than damon and stefan and lemme say the people they chose for damon and stefan ARE HORRIBLE they just dont fit the part, and as for this guy that plays matt i think he will do pretty good but i definitely pictured matt more like immature i guess idk but they also totallyy messed up on elena shes the exact OPPOSITE of what it says in the book!! i love the books but im not even going to try to watch the show they really messed up the tv show

  16. Personally, I think that all of the cast is absolutely perfect. There may be a sort of tough competition when it comes to Stefan and Damon’s looks compared to Matt’s, but I think it adds an extra affect of Elena’s love for Stefan and makes it more exciting all around. I think they’re all absolutely gorgeous!!! ;D

  17. WHOA for all of u ppl hating on matt i hav one thing to say:
    THIS IS NOT THE BOOK! of course they changed stuff thts what always happens! Stop complaining abt how its not the same and if you dont like it DONT WACH IT!!!!
    nd btw matt is my husband <3

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