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  1. gggrrr… i cant get enaf of vampire diaries… and i have a new apple of my eye. Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes. wut! wut! sexy. another love triangle in mystic falls. caroline and tyler’s affair will be soooo exciting because the two characters are normal. vampire and werewolf… cant wait to see episode eleven…:D

  2. im just so so obsessed with vampire diaries oh gosh i just love stefan and elena being together..i cant imagine myself being elena…gosh!!! i always find tym to wacth evry single episode… guys wat a great series..and hey bony love yah!

  3. Did anyone know that you can just watch the Vampire Diaries’ episodes online, on the cw website? Without buying anything?
    BTW:I LOVE this show!!!

  4. Can ANYONE please tell me when the vampire diaries will come back to Ireland? I am actually crying right now, I could only get the first 4 episodes of season 2 off the internet. I just read the summary of episode 5, and now I’m dying inside. PLEASE HELP, I’m obsessed with Damon and Stefan.

  5. Has been told that there is only going to be 3 seasons of vampire diaries then it ends , is this true ? :(

  6. To Aaron…ohhh I hope not! I will cry if that is the case! I am too addicted to this show for there to be only 3 seasons! Let’s hope and pray that VD ending after 3 seasons is NOT the case!!

    I watch VD religiously and I don’t know what I would do without it!! I love it and all of cast! But I love Ian the most =)

    Team Damon!! <3<3

  7. the most wonderful show in the world :)

    hope to see more seasons and never stop it :)

  8. OMG vampire diaries is the best show in the whole universe !!! i cant live without it. if it stops after season 3 i will cry cos im sooooooooooo addicted to it :( :) i think ian somerhalder and paul wesley are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot ! and nina dobrev is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pritty! BTW I (L) love vampire diaries it is amazing !!!

  9. I’m a new Vamp Diaries Addict… Me && my mom watch it every week and I’m so confused because they stopped showing new episodes and started showing old ones this month. WTH? haha.
    But I’ve been catching up online.. this is soooooo awesome :) thank you guys for covering the news

  10. i love watching this vampire diaries …. i jst love all the characters played by nina, ian …. everyone. everyone is so perfect in their character it seems that they are so real… i jat love watching it all the time….

  11. I now it is the bes show in the whole UNIVERSE and who ever disses vampire diaries is a friking idiot ( ha ha ha ! ) it is sooooo addictive and im am dying because its not on till the 12TH of april. but i am the BIGGEST fan of vampire diaries and i dont care what anyone says because i KNOW that I’M the BIGGEST fan EVER!!! I love and adore vampire diaries sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much . its AMAZING !

  12. hi im from the uk and i’ve been searching all over the net to find out when VD is back on itv2 and got no luck can any one help me please my tuesdays r soooo boreing now.

  13. hey mary what,s up untill now i didn,t resive any of those mail that u send me before i don,t know why but will be in touch if u don,t mind ok take care bye

  14. vampire diaries is one of the luvliest and most addictive show……i’m in love with Ian…;)and the rest of the characters are also perfect in their job!!!!<3<3 it!!:)

  15. oh my god just watched vampires on replay on itv2 and 1 hour is not enough i cant w8t til next week IT’S ALL GOING ON.


  17. noooooooooo i hope with all mi heart that there will b more than 3 seasons!! i cnt liv witrhout the vampire diaries i watch ih ALL the time i will cry if it ends after 3 seasons!!

    <3 TEAM DAMON!!

  18. I cant stop……vampire diaires ROX!!!!! every day i get on my computer and start to watch the Vampire diaires. i have pics of the vampire diaires every where in my room so yeah they totaly rock i really like stefen and daymon

  19. OMG if there is only 3 seasons i will go mad I will nstarrt a petition ARGGGGGG omg……and i love all the characters they are soo awesome if you guys like this you’ll probably like pretty little liars its made by the same people anywaysss…….<3 my vampire diaries sooooo much I will go on a murderous rampage if there is only 3 seasons :( WHAAA!!!!!

  20. yap…i too loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee VD n al da characters too….all r very dashing,smart, beautiful n good looking bt among all i m in very much in love wit IAN….his every move n every xpressions mak me go crazy n fal in love al over n over n over again….CANT TAKE MY EYES away 4rm him wen i watch VD….VD ROCKS….keep rocking!!!!! LOVE IT loads n loads…..MUAAAAHHHHH

  21. Well i probably can’t beat that butu i’ll keep it short and sweet, Love all the character espeacially the main ones(who are all drop dead gorguores)yehh basiclly love the show the people init and basicly they’ve made not only watching TV the most important thing ever but brain washing every Fan of VD so effortlessly.(kind of like the way damen sweeps elana of her feet)KEEP ON WATCHING COZ I KNOW I ALWAYS WILL.

  22. Hey guys like all my fans!Thanks! Anyway read all your posts like them all! So if you wanna e-mail me my e-mail is thanks i will most likely reply to you guys thanks on love you all!


  23. has ani1 seen the trailer 4 episode 21?! someone dies in the end or something it looks AMAZING i cnt w8!!! i hope its not jenna who dies!and i hope damon doesnt die if he dies i will never watch V.D again i will b sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo upset damon is the best!!!
    i <3 v.d


  25. yeah but we will be waiting as while for season 3 to come out mean time in june u can start watching True blood agin and thats going to be really hot this summer

  26. I am soooo! freaking obsess with this series cnt wait to c season 3. this is shay from Seychelles.

  27. When does season 3 come on in the US? plz i need 2 know! Im dying inside without Vampire Diaries!! :(

  28. Ian SOmerhalder <3 <3 <3
    I think season 3 will kill us all with the suspense of stefan turning into a monster again and we ll see alot of delena in it too
    I cant wait till they air it!!!!! :)

  29. ok well i just started watching the vampire diaries cuz i got a hold of the season 1 dvd and i love it!!! it would be awesome if i could get filled in some how on season 2! thanks!

  30. I can’t wait for VD season 3 episodes. I’m more excited about Tyler and Carolines affair. I downloaded all the episodes of season 2 and keep on watching it everyday. Hahaha! If vampire craves for blood, well he’yah, i crave for VAMPIRE DIARIES. :)

  31. will Vampire Diaries season 3 be aired in the philippines also on sept. 15?? what channel??

  32. i cant live without it!why it is in just 3 seasons?love you all specially ian

  33. Can anyone tell me where I can view upcoming episodes (from Season 3) in Australia? Im having withdrawals :-)

  34. Very slow for a first episode – not that exciting but, I know there has to be a build up. It was entertaining though and poor Caroline – well that is expected of Mrs Lockwood… she is going to come out stronger revenage for her husbands death that she blames the sheriff for…………. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  35. y’all are so lucky, i mean u get to watch vampire daairies on ur tvs, here in SOUTH AFRICA i hv to rent it, and i cnt get enough of Stefan and Damon!!!!! i swear if i ws able to relocate i would today for a chance to see them on tv without the hastle, and i cnt watch it on internet coz its nt available in mi country!

  36. i really wish if i can get the download free season 1,2,3 is an interesting movie to waTCH

  37. I love vampire diaries, I watch it every thursday stefan and elena are a great couple

  38. OMG… I <3 VD! I HAVE BEEN WATCHING SINCE SEASON 1 AND FELL IN <3 WITH IT. Damon and Stephan are hot… :)

  39. first time i watched TVD was just to killin my boring time..since then…I’m addicted to it *LOL*

    I live in Indonesia so as you know it’s not easy to get the source for watching TVD hahahaha…but never giving up!!

    you guys are rawks!! Season 2 was very cool!! hope to see more surprise in upcoming season..can’t wait..can’t wait!! :D

  40. hi, did any body knows how can i downloade season2,3?
    i have just watched 24.
    please help me i really like this movie.

  41. Hey! I really really love Vampire Diaries! Unfortunately, I have only seen part of Season 2 because my computer won’t work and the CD I bought was not complete. So, yeah. Anyway, I really really love this series! Damon is so hot! :)

  42. I really love this show. I admire alot of the characters in it and i hope and pray they continue to make more seasons. I have read some of the book and they are quite breathe taking i hope as the series progress cw will allow the show to go on.

  43. I can’t wait for the new episode on 5th of Jan. so crazy watching vampire diaries…

  44. i can not wait for the next episode. the last 3 days i have been watching them over and over again, really want to see the next one …………………….

  45. I am a VD addict, My husband and I first watched True Blood and got addicted to that, but then we started watching VD and low and be hold, nothing beats it. It is the BEST… But dont get me wrong… True Blood is still great…..
    As we have limited TV where we live we brought all available seasons of True Blood and Vampire Diaries on DVD.

    If you are as addicted to is as I am, i would suggest the DVD Collection. I watched one whole season in a weekend. You dont have to worry about ad’s on the tv and you can keep watching till the whole season is finished.

    On the downside to that we finished watching season two of VD ages ago and now have to wait till season 3 is out on DVD…. the suspence is killing me…. Damon rocks my world….He is the hottest man in the world….he should be listed as one fo the top 10 hunkest men in the world….

  46. OMG
    i just love this show is THE BEST i get so excited when i watching it
    they are great actors, i actually really cant believe that nina is both characters cuz they are so differents and she acts so well.
    stefan and damon are DAMN CUTEE!!

  47. Yes! The 3rd season is great:) I like it soo much! Di you reckon tkat in the last episode I mean S03E10 in the whole story appears Pau’s real wife???!!:) It’s not cowisidence:D hell true!

  48. so now Paul has his own wife close to himself..:P by the way… it’s the new doctor that Alaric meets in the hospital.

  49. Love Vampire Diaries it’s the best TV show in the history of TV shows I love Paul Wesley and I love the releshanship between Stefan and Elena!! My fave characters is Damon,Stefan,Bony, and Caroline and Elena!!!

  50. VampD is so mind-blowing you’re screwing with my head keeping me wanting more I’m freaking out I wanna see the rest of season3 loving bboy Stefan is killing me this season rocks I was like OMFG all throughout the season

  51. I love vamp diaries that much my fiancee hates it i have them plastered everywere i qant a tattoo with stefan and elena now i hate that pauls wesleys wife is going 2 be in it thats just a complete feck up but id watch it no matter who was in it just aslong as stefan elena damon jeremy bonnie and caroline were in it there my faves VD ur my world xxxxxxx

  52. I hated this episode so much! How could Stefan do that to Elena, it’s totally not believable and it doesn’t make any sense at all. He would never hurt her, as she’s the love of his life! The writers are trying to make him bad but it doesn’t work at all. I understand he wants revenge but he will always love Elena and would never hurt her. She should totally know that after everything he has done for her! As far as Damon and Elena, they are so forced and stupid and so not getting together. It would be so lame if they did.

  53. I loovvvvvvvveeeeee vamp D, its da bst. Stefan is sooo cute, Damon is killing me wt his eyes. Ds season sefan is becomin Damon nd Damon Sefan! I cant wait 2 c aw ds ends

  54. I apsolutely love Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, their acting is so amazing, im slightly in love with Zach Roerig and Michael Trevino cuz they are stunning. when i first saw Joseph morgan step out as Klaus, i was just like ‘WOW’!! aMAZING!!! X

  55. i absoluteley love the vampire diaries but when is it on what time and what day cause i CAN NOT miss it :(

  56. hi again,
    forgot to tell u but its for engalnd that i want and i luv luv luv stefan salvatore he is hot and fit <3

  57. I have to say I am really loving Rebbekah and also Elijah (actually he’s kinda hot) also I have a son called Elijah.
    and I am really wanting to see Elena and Damon together (I never really liked Stefan I don’t find him attractive at all but Damon is HOT). and at times I get quite into the Caroline and Tyler story but I think that’s getting old.
    S03 is SO great!! I really hope they renew for a S04 I’d be suprised if they don’t. and I can’t wait FOR it!!!!

  58. damon i know vr well u luv elena bt i lv u damon…..pls contact me.i m vr ill nd dr.says i will be gud or better when damon will meet u.u r my life damon……..

  59. plzzzzzzzzzzz any website link to watch vamp. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nt showing in uk since d end of series 2……… so helplesss any1 wiv any idea plzzz thnkxxxx

  60. OMG! VD is soooooo awesome! Just really love Stefan And Elena together!!! I’m currently watching the first episode of season 3 and the last part is like…..soo touching!! God Stefan when will you rejoin Elena!!!??
    His acting rocks!!! He is the best! Gooooooo DAMON and STEFAN!!

  61. i saw all episode of V.D it was so fantastice.i think that the best actore is ian somerhalder,he is so hot i love him but i hate ELINA i wanna kill her.u know really i dont know why is she so jealous… :) ;))

  62. btw if they ever end vampire diaries i will sue them lol :) icant live without v.d it is too epic

  63. I love vampire diaries i want there to be a knew episode every day, i love damons expressions he is so cute and funny :)

  64. hi my name is katherine and im a big big fan i love you guys you do a really good job on the show i wish i could be on the show it would be a dream come true because i wauch every epasoid i cant wait to see this one this tursday when damem i thing gets stab plzzz call me 4858540 plzzz plzzz plzzzz

  65. The show is very much interesting and fascinatiing
    and i cant stand 4 damon

  66. I can’t wait for season 4 LOL Elenana and Damon belong together! Katherine chose Stephan over Damon.. Damon deserves happiness! I am all for them! The Kiss in Season 3 episode 19 was epic can’t stop watching that episode!

  67. If there is only 3 seasons I’m going to be so fucking angry. :o……..I don’t think there would be a 4th season because in the 3rd season episode 21 they kill Klaus so I don’t know what they would do in a 4th season? But if there isn’t one I will be sad and angry forever!!! And however said that they are the biggest fans of Vampire Diaries…. there wrong. Cause I am!! Bitchezz!!

  68. To mad_brenno

    you need to re-watch the last episode. They didn’t kill Klaus, Bonnie put him in Tyler body, that’s why Damon and Stephen didn’t die, also Elena died, but the doctor had put vampire blood in her system without telling anyone, so the episode ended with her waking up as a vampire. They have to have another season. (It would be pretty crappy to leave the show hanging) Plus I’m not 100% but I thought I heard on the radio or T.V. that they got an early sign on for the next season. Has anyone else heard this?


  70. Havent seen the last episode yet :( itunes uk is slow uploading them but cant wait to see it, i really want elana to get with damon hes super hot! and the icing on the cake elana becomes a vampire? woohoo season 4 should be explosive !

  71. I hope Damon and Elena will get together in season 4. It really hurt that for a whole season Damon has been there for her 100%,having a chance with her, hoping for it in every episode and then she still choses Stefan in the end. It is simply torture, how can they do it to us. Damon is way much more hot,….

    I wanted Damon to have Elena while she still was human and with a puls, she is more a temptation as a human because of her blood and innocent as a human. Just too bad…
    Now she becomes a vampire that might chance her to fall in love with Damon at least!!!
    Now Chathrine really can make the guys confused!!

  72. I love Vampire Dairies im addicted to the show Im a huge elena and stefan fan he is sooooooo Hot damen is alright but hes rude and a jerk so she should chose stefan although shes now a vampire her love interest may change………….the last episode of season 3 is awesome i nlove it i probably watched it a thousand times

  73. does anyone know if/when it will air in Australia? i need to know, we didnt even get to see the last 2 episodes of season 2! coz GO did air them :(

  74. …Mmm what can i say… I am not happy with the death of Alark, and we are not going to see z real klaus, when will the next season start? I woder if somebody tell me.

  75. When is new episodes are coming????? it is always take sooooo much time to come up with new episodes, just irritating.

  76. I just love Damon and Elena. They’re so cute together. Hope to see more of them in the upcoming season. Hope they eventually end up together!!! Go Damon! Delena forever! <3 <3 <3

  77. I so want Stefan and Elena to be together 4eva. I hope that they sort out all the Damon Problems. I am so excited for the season 4 but kinda upset cause its the last season.

  78. Serial magnificence and I am waiting for Season 4 Aardoh please everyone waiting for him and I love Damon and I hope to be with Elena, but Elena Stefan love strong It is sad to destroy

  79. I read that vampire diaries went on in the US until season 10 so lets hope what I read is factual…. would love for it to carry on that far…… and defo can’t wait for season 4 in september…whoop, whoop..xx

  80. wooohhhh…my God….i do really like the Vampire Diaries..i’m waiting for the next season!!! which is the season 4!!!!….

  81. ssum…..the 2nd season ending…nw will watch the 3rd today……hope it will be as thrilling as the above 2……and eagerly waitin for 34 th season to release….love u catherine….
    :) <3….muwwwaaahhhhhhh

  82. ssum…..the 2nd season ending…nw will watch the 3rd today……hope it will be as thrilling as the above 2……and eagerly waitin for 34 th season to release….love u catherine….
    :) <3….muwwwaaahhhhhhh

  83. Wow The Vampire Diaries is the best show in the whole world am just addict to this show i love Damon a lot..
    Am dying to see the season 4 and hope that Elena will stay with Damon in this season love you all..

  84. Hey, im new on this new stuff about Vampire diaries…

    Vampire diaries will just come out in america right? October 11th?

    btw im a huge Vampire diaries fan even if iam a boy here in sweden u dont see boys look at VD… well please tell me if it will come out on the same date in sweden.

  85. I freakin!!!! love this show!!!! im a little far back cause they haven’t put seasn 3 on netflix yet so….. but i think i’m a little caught up on some things. It’s a little to early but, i am going to be another Vampire for this year in 2012. Im gonna act all cool and scare my friends! It
    s gonna be awesome!!!!! Go VD!

  86. hello as you no my name is molly im a really big fan of your and i really wana be an actress on your show im griat at acting but you probubly wouldnt let me becuase im 14 and im only like 5,2 or 5,3 and i live in az and you have a lot of actors so far but tell ian somerhalder and nina dobrev i love theme becuase they are my favorite and ian is so sexy but i love you all and good bye tell everyone i siad hi.:)))))))

  87. Seriously, i’m obsessed! This show is too awesome! Can’t wait to get started on season 4, not to mention when it is possible to buy it on DVD, so I can watch it over and over again, like i did with season 1, 2 and 3. Btw. i’m sad about Elena and Stefan, I was voting for Damon big time! His charecter is the coolest, Ians acting rocks and come on… He is gorgeous!


  88. addicted the series is great! just wondering what to expect all these pic makes you wonder what going on between the brothers and elena and with the rest of the cast bound to be a unexpected twist hope to see more great sersons and shows ! love ya


    i’ watch back in ’09 ,3/4 episodes of vampire diaries.
    Now i’ve been watching since last friday till tonight all the episodes / season 1 till 4
    It’s like a obssesion, i can’t freaking wait till E02.
    Never thought a serie could be so freaking awesum (except Lost)

  90. i smell region discrimination here!! !,,i can’t watch those new episodes!!!!,,,,,,,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  91. You’re lucky guys.. In Indonesia we can’t to see anything about Vampire Diaries 4. There just only can watch about season 1-3.. Only on dvd. Our TV never show this movie again. @ Julie Piec would you touch once of Indonesian producer TV in Indonesia for that season ? Believed me its will be grossing event. Pleaseeeee would you give info for that..

  92. i have watched all vampire diaries i love it cant wait every week i think stefan my fav gutted when this finish im vampire diaries biggest fan.

  93. Hey!! I’m so damn crazy about this serial…can u please tell me when is the 4th season of vampire diaries gona come in Zcafe!! i really dying to watch

  94. Hey!! I’m so crazy about this serial can u please tell when is the 4th season of vampire diaries gona come in Zcafe!!!

  95. yo this shit suxs!!!! I want to watch episodes, not read comments when theres a button that says episodes I expect to be able to watch them not read about them

  96. OMG……
    I just lv Vampire Diaries so damn much!!!!!
    im fond of VD and i just lv Damon and Elena! :* <3
    Im so damn happy that they are finally kinda together in season 4… nd season 4 episode 7 wuz EPIC!!!!
    now im so damn happy that there are couples who i wanted:
    Damon and Elena and Rebekah and Stefen
    just hope that Caroline and Kluas and Matt and April get together!!

  97. A good storline for elijah would be a flashback of himself training lexie and taking care of her. We never figured out where Lexie learned her control. Elijah even married her, but does not know Damon killed her.

  98. It would be nice to see elijah as a paternal type, maybe raising one of his dead warlocks small daughter or at least saving her life. Maybe one day he falls in love with her when she is grown. Hopefully a witch that looks and acts like jenna sommers. Have elijah be with someone kind and innocent and looks the part like emilie de raven. But she is smart like caroline.

  99. I’m a lexie/elijah or caroline/elijah or lexie/stefan shipper. Or caroline/stefan. They are the only vamps that have it together. Elena is becoming as selfish as katherine when it comes to leading men on. I miss all the humans on the show. Since they released silus maybe he will let them each bring back one person. “Unless silas resurrection powers are as true as the sun and the moon curse” he he.

  100. I want all the ORIGINALS to stay alive in the end… the show is much more interesting with them.. and of course.. elijah to be back… please.. keep alive the originals..

  101. OMG I love vampire diaries I’m to addicted to it but its crazy that Jeremy died wat is Elena going to do and is it just the sire bond or does Elena actually love demon this show is too good
    B.T.W I love vampire diaries its my whole life

  102. I am going crazy i want to watch it and cw isn’t available on my tv plus on my iPad nothings working help needed!!!!!!!!!

  103. Hey u guyz wow didnt think we’d be on the same page but these 2 guyz a rockin ma world!whoa..i especially love stefans birthmark on the cheek!n damons smile weird hw he does it right!am i right!!!anyway cant wait for season 5!

  104. I cant belive Elena is in love with Damon!!
    Stefan is Silas’ shadow and Stefan is locked in a safe and thrown into a pond… Omg that sucks for Stefan

  105. I love the vampire diaries its like the best series EVER i can’t live without it damon is so hot and mysterious but then stefan is caring and his heart is per and they both love elena like how ROMANTIC

  106. When i learn about the vampire diaries i love it so much.Damon is so hot just like Stefan but Elena is so beautifull.<3 :)

  107. i love this show so much i was just going through netflix and i saw this and im like hey imma watch this and i watched all season up to 4 in about 1-2 months.. not that small but yeah.. and i love elena and stephan being together they make a such cute couple on there and i just cant stand her and damon being together ugh:/ but every time when elena is talking to stephan i just want her to say that she loves him ugh complicated crap..

  108. I think that the Vampie Diaries is the best thing ever ,but i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see season 4. I love it soooooo much .I need to fine out what happened ,so i keep trying to find a website that will let me watch it ,but i cant fine episode 1 (im so sad i cant watch it ).Any way ,peope have said that nextflix is getting it in september ,i was just wondering if this is true.If anyone knows if this is true please tell me by making a comment and writting that it is true. Thanks for reading :-)bye for now

  109. i foregot to say something……….. i think that damon is super hot ,love ya damon !!!!!!!!! oh and bonie is my fav ever.

  110. I wish Elena would choose Damon. He’s so fiercely protective over her and is heart is so pure when it comes to her. Stefan always gets the girl. He and Katherine should be together so that Damon and Elena can be together. The way Damon loves her is so unlike the way Stefan loves her. Damon and Elena are so opposite but they complement each other in ways her and Stefan can’t. Aaaaaand Damon is hot as hell, so… Damon and Elena. Period.

  111. Damon’s love is pure and persistent, like how he can love Katherine for so long and even now he knows how evil she is and that to her it was always Stefan in his heart he still wants to keep her alive like what Katherine said at the start of Season 5. Same goes for Elena. He changed for her and learns to love the people she love, like Jeremy and Bonnie, just like what Elena told Matt in Season 4. That is true love to me, willing to change for the person he loves even though it may not be easy. (oh and not forgetting when he loved Katherine he was willing to turn for her even though he may think it isn’t right.) He may not have many friends but whatever friends he has he truly loves them, like Alaric(don’t even talk about the grave scene, i tear up every time i watch it T.T), Rose, Andie, Carol(he shot Klaus for her) and Sheriff Forbes(just right before she first found out that Damon was a vampire he asked Caroline to stop being a bitch to her mum and i found that really sweet). He is selfless and protective towards Elena, wanting the cure solely for her because she wants to become human again even though he thinks that she may go back to Stefan. Stefan, on the other hand, wanted the cure to change Elena back to human so she may go back to him and also for himself. Now don’t get me wrong i have nothing against Stefan but to me he’s just the plain old boring good guy. Even before he officially knew Elena he wanted her to get everything she wanted, and he never lets her know the good things he does even though it may mean getting on her good book. And to me Damon Elena and Jeremy (and Alaric too but he’s dead ): ) makes a better family, the relationship between Damon and Jeremy in Season 5 is getting really cute and Damon is becoming like a big brother that Jere hates and loves at the same time. Really hope Elena would stick with Damon till the end, he deserves getting the girl for once, it shouldn’t always be Stefan! Screw the doppelganger fate crap, Elena and Stefan may be destined to meet and be in love but she still fell for Damon against the Universe and that, is true love.

  112. totaly agree with you Chq!!!!! Damon and Elena = True love + Perfection + Incredibly HOT

  113. OMG!!!!! Damon nd Stefen u r too good infact all d character r paying very nyc nina also playing role of elena as well as katherine osam acting… just love this serial….

  114. Im the vampire diaries #1 fan. I dont have a team damon stefan or elena because i think of them three as a team. Nina dobrev is the most prettiest and most talented girl actress in the world. Ian somerhalder is so handsome and funny and he has insane abs. Paul wesley is so handsome and funny and has insane abs like ian. My dream is to meet the vampire diaries cast and i would also want to get the whole cast autoghraphs, and i would want take pictures with the whole cast and this may sound to pushy but i would want the whole cast phone numbers to hang out. I would love to be suprised by the cast someday. I love you guys so much. :)

  115. Thanks ian for being such a good boyfriend to nina and it was really sweet of you to give nina a kiss on the cheek in the peoples choice awards. I really miss you guys as a couple. Please get back together. Nina + ian equals nian :)

  116. OMG!!!!!!! I absolutely love this show I would seriously die if elena and damon don’t get together. there love is so pure and true it just makes me so made that they can find love in a tv show and fall in love in real life. without this tv show I think I would seriously be depressed all the time. any way im rooting for damon and elena. Stefan and caroloine would be a cute couple I watched an episode from season 5 last night and it looks like they have something special. this show is so addicting and I just wanted to thank however made this show happen without it a lot of girls would seriously be very angry. obessed with damon!!!!!!!

  117. Season 5! Very exiting so many un awnsered questions.
    Will Tyler and carloiline get back together.
    Klaus and Caroline.
    What do the travelers want Stefan and Elena dead for?
    What does it mean damon is the key?
    Stefan and Elena?
    Is there another traveler knife?
    What’s up with the other side?
    What’s going to happen next????

  118. Season 5! Very exiting so many un awnsered questions.
    Will Tyler and carloiline get back together.
    Klaus and Caroline.
    What do the travelers want Stefan and Elena dead for?
    What does it mean damon is the key?
    Stefan and Elena?
    Is there another traveler knife?
    What’s up with the other side?
    What’s going to happen next????
    I love damon delena !!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Stefan is dead???? Like for real? I really hope its just a stupid joke

  120. that is perfect….I hope It continues for a long time….I love it too much…thanks for it
    Please keep on It

  121. i love vampire diaries so much i wish I could be a vampire really want to meet the cast love it so much if I could it would be my dream come true.
    hoping to see season 4 first hope there are no spoilers XD please dint spoil it I beg you

    thanks for listening to me

    and yes I am a girl

  122. Hi paul wesley,
    My name is amna vahidy and I am 16 years old. I live in canton ct and I wish you a luck because I am still in team salavtore.


  123. Hi paul wesley,
    I want you come to my birthday party at chuck and cheese in Newington ct
    I need you all to come to my surprise birthday party. If you say happy birthday to me on January 12 2015 on Monday afternoon yay

  124. I want to drive in my new car and to go mystic falls, GA far away for summer vacation in 2017 and I want to go college with elena gilbert or jeremy Gilbert

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  126. Hi guys, don´t suppose any of you know what song is that in s06e17 (and few times before that), Damon talking to his mum ( 35:56-36:34)?

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