Vampire Diaries Spoilers – Episode 5 – You’re Undead To Me – Preview

A huge thanks to Spoilers Guide for uploading the trailer for The Vampire Diaries Episode 5 “You’re Undead To Me”.


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  1. omg I LOVE the show although it is nothing like the books. I am totally hooked.!!!!

  2. I love this show the fact that Damon is the bad guy and Stephen the good guy makes a good trio

  3. I have never read the books. Although I fall outside the teenage demographic viewing audience, I truly love the writing and acting on this show (and since I haven’t read the books, Elena as a brunette works just fine)
    Nothing better than re-living teenage angst, but in the form of a Vampire Love triangle.
    The supporting cast really makes the show exciting….I really hope this show appeals to the rest of t.v land as I would really like to see it continue.

  4. Any one else feel like L.J. Smith allowed them to change too much.

    I just finished the first two books and have to say they have changed so much, that if they had changed name of show and names of people I would not even know it was based on her books. I wish they had stayed closer to the books and am shocked that L.J. let them change so much. One change I do like is the fact that Elena has a teenage brother and Elena is not as stuck up about her self and treats her friends better in show then in the books.

  5. Why did they show film that was supposed to be from 1953 that has 1956 and 1957 cars in the foreground? Was the guy in charge of that sequence asleep or what?

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