Vampire Diaries – Season Finale – Episode 4.23 – Graduation – Preview

Wow…tonight’s episode was insane!!! What does this mean??? By this…you know what happened at the VERY end…did THAT really happen?? Check out the preview for next week’s season finale “Graduation”.


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  1. Can’t wait for next episode!! I still am getting over the fact that bonnie is dead WTF!!!
    love, love, love this show!!!!

  2. WOW! great episode. But I am so confused. LOL!
    Bonnie was doing a spell so Jeremy could stay alive, but I thought she was closing the veil? So now Bonnie is dead (I can;’t even believe that). The ghost are still alive. Elenas humanity is totally back, Silas is taken care of, Damon has the cure, and holy crap I wish it was next Thursday.

    And one word RICK!!!!!!!! I literally yelled his name when I saw him, I think the Rick/Damon scenes were my favorite. I wish they could find a way to keep him around.. Damon so needs a wing man.

  3. Oh my other fav scene was when Stefan saw Lexie! That was so great! It really is to bad their friendship was shown more before she died.

  4. Stefan telling Elena to deal with her grief because it is part of life and nothing special to her and to deal with being a vampire was great. Too bad he didn’t start with that attitude instead of promising her a cure, it might have spared us a lot of whining. I don’t know thst Bonnie will stay dead.

  5. Seriously. Every character I enjoyed watching is “dead”.. I mean, what is the deal here?
    Is it the books or the fact that I’m a man and mis things that women don’t…

  6. i think bonnie is alive coz the full moon is making a lot of miralces and what bonnies says to syles bonnie say i m preparing to your plann so nobody would heart i think

  7. @Marty, it’s not the books. They only killed the bad guys who hurt the main characters. Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, Meredith (who was a teen and a friend) all made it to the end of the series. Alaric was a college student who left town to do studies. Jeremy wasn’t in the books. Elena had a baby sister instead. No Jenna in the books either, there was an Aunt Judith who had a fiancee, both of them survived too.

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