Vampire Diaries Rehash: TVD Recap Episode 5.08 “Dead Man on Campus”

Check it…The CW has released the Vampire Diaries Rehash for Episode 5.08 “Dead Man on Campus”. See if your comments made the video!

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  1. Okay well lets recap Bonnie’s technically not a witch anymore, Caroline’s single due to tragedy again, Damon’s stuck in a cell awaiting to be tested as a lab rat, Stefan is in kahoots with Katherine, Matt’s ok, Katherine is possibly dying, Jeremy well he’s getting some from a total hottie so he’s good,:) & Elena well I guess shes good too except that her bf is locked away in a freaky celler! Uh!! (Deep breath) Who else thnks its T-Totally insane that Bonnie isn’t considered a witch anymore!? Seriously what the hell is that all about!?!¿ They should totally bring back Lucy from season 2 she’s from the Bennett witch family line so I put money on it that the writers could make a great story line with her in it where they find a loop hole around this Bonnie having no powers thing!? I’m sure Damon will be okay if they dnt all get stuck down in there trying to get him out it should be fine? That is of course if he isn’t successfully turned Augustine!¿:) Any thoughts/feelings on the new Kat&Stefan thing!? All I got to say is NOOOOOO…. PLZ DNT DO IT! PLZ! Iam sry but I fell in luv with the luv between Elena &Stefan I just can’t be happy about Katherine possibly having Stefan for herself, CANT DO IT!!! Plz tell me sumbdy else feels the same? Yes its still Nina dobrev so they have great on screen chemistry but its freakn Kat! Put Elena back w/ Stefan Damnet!
    @arielkebbel oh and that “leave Stefan alone” song was actually pretty catchy! :)lol

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