Vampire Diaries Rehash: Episode 6.15 “Let Her Go” Recap

Check out the latest Vampire Diaries Rehash, with Malese Jow filling in for Arielle Kebbel! See if your comments made it!


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  1. Yes I was waiting for this video for Arielle to see on how she how is reacted in this video for the funeral of the mom of Caroline

  2. I like this Chinese Girl Malese Jow she reminds me of this special fantasy movie of Big trouble in little china so shocking movie gloop my my I fall for the Chinese girls so hot gloop sorry for my expression :( :)

  3. Wow so much to comment on not enough time my mind is absolutely spinning out of control! First of all Bonnies back bitches secondly I wonder what Damon and Stefan’s mother was vampire witch werewolf ??// I mean she had to be something supernatural to end up in a supernatural prison world right!!! Liz’s funeral was sooooo emotional and Damons eulogy perfection baby! The part where he said you will be missed I cried my eyes out right in front of my fiance and everything… Caroline shutting off for Humanity And Stefan being 10 minutes too late I totally called it. Now for the whole Matt being a sheriff thing I didn’t see that one coming that was a good one and if Tyler actually joins him that’ll be a grrrrreat storyline! Kudos to the writers once again! Great job!

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