Vampire Diaries Rehash: Episode 5.21 “Promised Land” Video Recap

Check out the latest Vampire Diaries Rehash with Arielle Kebbel for episode 5.21 “Promised Land”. Check to see if your comment or reaction made it! If it didn’t, make sure next time to tweet your comments or videos to #TVD and #PickMeTVD.


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  1. Ok i see the big hard prove don’t worry girls fans if we saw stepen death then Read me this: if i saw in the old series the Charmed ones with this teenage girl name shannen Doherty then she quiting play death in that season this girl shannen Doherty so is Paul Wesley is the same of this girl Shannen Doherty is the same tragedy of this two more on leave the fans cryed for the big actors idiots so i completely get it stupid more ons how can every actor leave theyre fans with theyre broken heart the actors playing death the big dumb idiots of actors like Shannen Doherty and Paul Wesley big idiots

  2. there,s two Down and one more to go what am i mean by that?? ok let me explain first in the series of the Charmed ones with this teenage girl shannen doherty playing death loosing her sisters later on is Damon in the vampire diaries Loosing damon he,s Brother so i say there two down one more to go so there could be a personal problems or bad disscussion problem with the producer or director just like the actress did with Alissia Milano in Phoebbe in the Charmed ones and this one too with the producer or the director this actor Paul Wesly that is obies in the Vampire diaries so do not worry so much everybody even the actors and actress quiting playing death in all the tv series so nicely there you go nicely for you fans too calm the hell down please so there you go

  3. Wow okay so if @paulwesely is tweeting that’s it Stefan is done-zo then maybe its time to except that @julieplec did him no justice in the LAST SCENE HE WOULD EVER APPEAR IN AS A DEAD/LIVING CHARACTER ON #TVD I mean seriously Julie having his heart just ripped from his chest no real fighting scene at all…. iam so not satisfied with that judgment call. Although Im really satisfied with the whole Caroline calling for somebody to help that was very very emotional very epic so I guess it levels out. Now I see that the final season is truly near so ill make just 1 request to the writers of #tvd that y’all keep a few good characters alive & well so Klaus, Elijah, &Rebekah can give them a call wen & if.;)

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