Vampire Diaries Episode 6.15 “Let Her Go” Extended Preview

The CW has released the extended preview for next week’s episode “Let Her Go”.


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  1. Last nights show was so well done! Kudos to actors and directors. I was in tears the whole second half of the show.
    Having Damon with Liz was beyond sweet and perfect. Stefan showing Caroline how to share her memory with her mom was so sad but beautiful. And I also think I fell in love with STefan/Caroline. Which is weird because I NEVER wanted them to be more then friends. But their kiss was sweet and kind and perfectly timed.
    Totally thought Matt was a goner. so they got me on that one.
    Loved the ending that shows Jeremy not going to Art school . A little confused that he is going off as a vampire hunter when pretty much everyone he knows is one. That part was a little confusing but whatever.
    Great show! Sad to see Liz gone from the show but it was a really great send off!

  2. Kate I see when Alaric was prepared Jeremy to the buss so Jeremy went to art school so Alaric was with Jeremy and Alaric give Jeremy he’s bag pack so Jeremy goes to Art School I saw them with my own physical eyes that Alaric is preparing Jeremy so Jeremy goes to Art School

  3. this next episode is going to be very special and very sad for the funeral of the Caroline’s mom I am sorry for this Episode I really am

  4. Jeremy is not going to art school for real I thought was a nice touch that instead he’s going on a hunting trip! And if Caroline doesn’t go off the deep end its going to be a very sad emotional show (possibly even boaring) just sayen. They need to bring more fighting action to this show too much damn crying!

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