Vampire Diaries Episode 6.11 “Woke Up with A Monster” Preview

Check out the preview for the next episode titled “Woke Up with A Monster”, another episode directed by our very own Paul Wesley. The episode airs January 22nd, when the show returns from holiday hiatus.


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  1. Why would Kai want Elena? Something to do with Damon I assume? Damon strikes again !!!! True fan of epic love…Stelena … Eternal love.

  2. @Diana he’s smart enough to see she’s leverage & that Damon & Ric were the ones about to hold him hostage so its a great time to have leverage. Plus he’s psycho & enjoys it.

  3. Forget the love right now Diana, put attencion to what kai is doing right now because kai this asshole make Elena Disapear infront to the salvadores door and kai punch Elena in the face because Kai wants for bait to elena to get to the salvadores brothers that why i hate so much this criminal and i wish him to explodes he’s all body so everybody can be alone with their friends

  4. Yes I agree. Only good thing to come out of him is he sucked up all that Traveler magic and Mystic Falls is home for all of them once again.

  5. @Diana I was thinking the same thing! As soon as I heard kai say that’s alot of travelers …enough magic to cover an entire town I just knew he was going to fix the town! I thought of course that genius perfect timing for Caroline & mom too. What doesn’t make sense is that Dr. Grayson Gilbert was able to save Megan (the roommate) from her heart defect w/ vamp blood so why can’t they atleast try to help Liz out a bit!? If that fails they could always turn her. Yes I kno she would never agree but still make for a damn good storyline! ;)

  6. okay so on the bonus features of season 5 DVD set the cast sat there& tried to figure out how many times each character died & came back to life. Can y’all figure it out? Here’s my calculations…ill start w/ Jeremy he died & came back twice so far, Bonnie twice died once came back she’s still stuck in mystic falls ’91, Elena twice once wen Bonnie did a spell & Jon traded his life for hers twice wen Rebekah killed her, Alaric that’s a lil more tricky …lets see I can only remember the times Damon killed him then Esther there was a few more times he died w/ the ring on at the hands of other supernatural beings, Matt so far once wen kat was human & Damon had jer & Matt playing “White nite” to her & twice they were trying to get Elena’s humanity back. If ya Thnk your up to it join my trivia challenge.

  7. yes Samantha but you forgot one bad thing can you see if the vampires die on the human try to steack in to their vampire heart the vampire turned in to ash and it becomes obiesly a ghost first is a vampire and then a ghost if they come back it could be a ghost not a vampy vampy is when the other vampy bites a human and the person feel cold and then it became vampire and if the vampire don’t control he’s thurst then one person got to throw a steack in to he’s heart and it becames grey with banes and then became a ghost that is the story of the vampy sadly and foolly

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