Vampire Diaries Episode 6.10 “Christmas Through Your Eyes” Extended Preview

Check out the extended preview for next week’s episode “Christmas Through Your Eyes”.


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  1. Okay wtf is the deal w/ Enzo man! I get the Stefan he knows & remembers isn’t a very great person, but he wasn’t always like this Enzo doesn’t get to judge Stefan he doesn’t know the HALF OF IT! And what’s the deal with kai I get wen he touches a witch he can steal their magic, but what I dnt get is why can’t the witch just PULL AWAY & use what magic& energy she has left to put him down somehow!? That’s so annoying, but it does make for a damn good storyline. Oh yea & before Ric died & became vampire he had an alter ego hell bent on killing vampires & vampire sympathizers& now that he’s human again that’s what ALL GONE NOW?!?!? He’s just back to the good old Ric? I mean seriously Damon just compelled him to do something he otherwise would ha e NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS DONE! @Julieplec
    I guess what iam asking is do the affects of the Gilbert ring just go AWAY after death?

  2. Well, we found out that the reason Ric had the alterego, and also Samantha Gilbert. Was because Esther was on the other side grooming him for her plan. She would have talks with him while he was out from being killed with the ring on. So she basically created this alterego I believe and now she is no longer focused on that. That could be the reason.

  3. @Ruthie. Yea I know that…the reason I’m even thinking about it is bc I just had a season 3 Marathon & got to thinking why once he got turned bak human all of a sudden he’s normal again.
    Esther spoke to him while dead yes but he truly hated vampires & sympathizers deep deep down that’s how he was able to carry out his darkest parts…so I imagine that once he died as a vampire on the inside boarder of a town without magic that it somehow stripped him of that dark alter ego that the ring caused (with a lil bit of Esther’s help).

  4. Even when Ric was on the Otherside after he died a vamp the first time (when Elena went off the bridge) he was back to normal. Then after returning thru Bonnie at the end of season 5 he remained his old self. I think Ruthies right that Esther’s influence was gone and that side of him died and stayed dead.
    My big disappointed this year is Enzo. I don’t get the Stefan hate. Like it’s all consuming and it’s kind of dumb. And once Damon is done focusing on saving Bonnie he better kick Enzo’s ass. Otherwise I’m loving this season. There’s a few little plotholes in the last few episodes and a few minor storylines that were a bit sloppy but I can totally deal with it as long as it doesn’t spiral out of control and become a cluster like season 5 was. I think Kai is scary and bad and a really great villain. I love the storyline of the Gemini coven. I hope everyone can work together cuz I hate when Damon and Alaric fight.

  5. For me this is the most boring and stupid season ever.
    Rick is the old Rick because the writers needed him erase Elena’s memories and it would be hard if he is trying to kill her (and that is why he is back from the other side by the way).
    Enzo could look for Damon himself, there is no reason for him to hate Stefan for giving up because of lack of leads not because he felt like it.
    Joe is too much like Jena Rick loving her for no reason is stupid.
    Matt doing almost nothing is boring.
    Jeremy emoing for the whole season is boring too.
    Elena can not decide wat she wants is stupid, she has to ask her friend to love someone or not? really??? She also proved the second time she has no loyalty for her beloved boyfrend and forever isn’t a very long time in her book. Kay isn’t creepy he is ridiculous.
    Even the acting isn’t the same because the actors and actresses can not fake this mutch, i used to love it but now it’s just crap.
    Oh, i almost forgot Caroline and why, because she is doing shit too, only giving crap to Stefan who did nothing wrong, he just needed to be alone and I understand he wanted to hide the failure and shame he felt, and a real friend would understand it too.

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