Vampire Diaries Episode 6.07 “Do You Remember the First Time” Preview


So annoyed and aggravated over tonight’s episode…granted, it was VERY “on the edge of your seat” good, but that whole “Elena didn’t lose her compulsion when Alaric died and came back”, did not make sense at all! Who’s with me? Anyway…check out the preview for next week’s episode.

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Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. Really!? @ruthie there are a lot of things that I don’t agree with on TVD (like killing off Katherine and Bonnie saving everybody else yet again) but to me, Alaric becoming human again and Elana still being compelled made perfect sense. It’s all just the build up to some epic over the top lovely dovey Delana moment

  2. Hum… Actually, the only cases I can remember where death involved a compulsion loss occured when the victim of the compulsion was a human dying and turning vamp. We saw it with Caroline and Elena. But the death of the vampire never cancelled the compulsion on the humans. Imagine the number of humans who would suddenly freak out after Katerine’s death.

    But then wasn’t there a scene with Katerine being free from Klaus of Eliah’s compulsion because one of them had been daggered?

    So the inconsistence already existed, unless you consider the “classic vampire / human” compulsion different from the “original vampire / classic vampire” compulsion.

  3. When Demon was compell to kill Geremy and Kol died, the compulsion went! It makes no sense. It’s so annoying!

  4. Maybe Elena does remember, and she is just pretending not to, because she wants to give this new life a try. Or maybe decided that since Alaric didn’t technically DIE, the compulsion shouldn’t wear off, because that was more convenient for the story.

    Whatever the case, just please take the Delena crap off of my screen. I didn’t tune into this show 6 years ago for this. Neither did lots of other fans. This much should be obvious to the writers. Yet every scene between every two bros and every two friends and every promo is tainted with Delena.

    And before I’m attacked, no IDC about Stelena.

  5. I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW ALARIC DID NOT DIE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT CPR????? THAT MAKES NO SENSE he is a vampire he was suppose to die what did I miss I am very confused

  6. Lynn. Ester (grr) killed Alaric the first time around by stabbing him, which according to Jo in 6×06 nicked his descending aorta, thus killing him, but only because no doctor (and certainly no one as good as Jo) was around to save him at the time. This time, Jo managed to stop the bleeding in time to prevent his death. It sort of makes sense.

  7. The writers are messing with our heads its blood annoying. Just give Elena her memories back

  8. I think in this series Elena is the bad guy. How to move on when the missing part of your life? All the decisions we took Elena were delayed and most wrong. With Demon together Elena has more confidence in her. Without he has no charm. A Elena different it is now no longer connects with the show. Fix it, please!

  9. @Sara um it still does not make any sense Alaric being human again just because Jo fixed his aorta does not make one mortal !!!!!…..did he have his ring on ???? but Esther made him an original therefore there is no coming back to being human…… WAS NOT SEASON 4 ALL ABOUT SILUS AND THE blood that makes one human again and look what happened to Katherine she withered and died mind you she was like four hundred years old but stilll you cannot become human by simply fixing the tear in someone’s Aorta!!!!! The writer’s screwed this up big time and yes the compulsion is null and void when a vampire expires jesus……..you can’t rewrite history!!!!!!!

  10. I think the loophole (I call it a plot hole) the writers are trying to use here is that Alaric did not die. Jo saved him (using a little gauze pad on a nicked aorta….eye roll). And compulsion def only goes away for a vamp compelled by an original if an original vamp dies. If a reg vamp dies humans remain compelled. I think they are undoing everything on vampire diaries that is associated w the originals. They took away Tyler’s hybrid stays so now Hayley and klaus are the only two. They also took away Ric’s original vamp status so that Esther has no reason to come after him since her goal is to undo what she did w her children. What I can’t understand is why were Damon Enzo and Stefan just standing there on the other side of the border watching Jo w Alaric and not screaming at her to drag his ass back to them? Even if the story ended the same way with her saving him they should have at least been yelling while she was putting the band aid on his boo boo LOL That’s the stuff that makes me cray crazy. This season has been really good so far. I have loved every epi. But Damon leaving 1994 so soon and the plot holes and sloppy writing last night I’m a little frustrated. I hope Damon tries to save Bonnie behind everyone’s back. I hope him not telling anyone she was w him is just a way to not get their hopes up. Cuz Jeremy would be losing his mind and would have no peace. I have a feeling he will fight harder to win over Elena again rather than fight to find Bonnie’s way home but I hope I’m wrong. He can’t possibly think she died over there and can’t be saved. You can’t “re-die” while in a supernatural time warped purgatory and the fact that Kai came back after having a pick axe witchie wooed into his sternum is proof of that. Damon owes her big time! He better get on it.

  11. Lynn, what you are not understanding is, Mystic Falls is a no-magic zone, so therefore, anyone supernaturally created crosses the border all magic is stripped away, so Alaric lay there with all magic stripped away as a human dying from a wound in his stomach. That is not a wound that could kill instantly, such as snapping a neck, etc. So once he was human (again, because all the magic that was used to make him immortal was stripped away), she was able to stop the bleeding with the special gauze she used and then did compressions to keep his heart going, therefore saving his life. But my mistake I guess, is I thought he actually died and she resuscitated him. I’ll be honest, if the writers are saying he never died, I might be able to now understand them saying Elena’s compulsion isn’t broken…

  12. @ Ruthie and @ Katerina thanks ladies you cleared alot for me I think that I am no longer compelled to understand the storyline ….it used to be easier to follow but lately with watching the originals I am getting very confused by it all ….and Katerina I am with you about the whole deal with the boys standing on the sideline watching it all happen like wtf…….I mean Stefan went over the border long enough to get his bros and Enzo WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED …WHAT THEY JUST STOOD THERE LIKE DROOLING BAFOONES…….and ya about Damon he owes Bonnie big ………..so get off your jelousy shoes and start looking for answers to the other world …..get cracken or I am going to lose it !!!! ok sorry didn’t mean that but really!!!!!

  13. @ Lynn….no problem and I totally hear you about being about to keep up with the mythology. It flowed nicely the first three seasons. Then the Quetsiah Silas Traveler stuff blurred the rules and logic and distorted all we once knew ( like Tatia being the Original doppelgänger among a bunch of other stuff)
    I’m wondering if Elena hopping over the border for a second or two would undo her compulsion like others have suggested. Easy fix. Would totally make sense according to what happened to Sarah Salvatore. It makes the whole storyline seem like a moot point. Why not give it a shot. And for the record Liam is creepy and not good looking IMO. His eyebrows freak me out. Lolllll

  14. @ Katerina yup about blurred logic and rules and I don’t know if you are watching the Originals when technically Nina did cross over but as Tatia …….dear lord another more ” blurred and distorted logic”….. all the rules went out the window on that one!!!! Elijah the real killer of the doppelganger!!!!! I had to watch that a couple times to get the jest of it…so all of season two of the Vampire diaries was based on a “lie” ????? ahhhhhhhh and ya Liam needs to go why didn’t they just put Stefan in that place which by the way if Nina was compelled to forget then why is she not in Love in Stefan she was not compelled to forget him????That remained in her memory to technically she should still be in love with Stefan???? Again blurred logic….


  16. @ Everybody else Yes the writers have totally screwed up this week By trying to rewrite history on This show! Alark died and came back as a human because he was across the magical line in Mystic Falls I understand that but how Elena did not manage to get her memories back is beyond me and it’s for good reason to because the writers left a gigantic hole right there and the storyline the best I can guess is that Julie Plec figured it makes for a very good next four episodes

  17. THIS WHOLE EPISODE HAS ME TOTALLY OUT OF IT…. one minute I understand the theroy and the next it’s completely illogical…….Julie needs to have a chat on her tv guide segment to explain this one….everyone has trully brought up some very good points and even though they make sense “it’s choppy sense” the viewers need clarification in a big way so Ms Plec and Ms Dries to step it up ……..HELP YOUR FANS

  18. @samantha…Katherine was a doppelgänger under Elijah’s compulsion and when Elijah was daggered (so technically dead) in S2 epi “The Dinner Party” I believe, the compulsion went away. I think the technicality the writers are using is the Jo saved Ric before he died. Even tho it appears she resuscitated him he wasn’t actually dead. It’s def shaky at best. And a total cop out. I can’t stand the plotholes in regard to the mythology. Esp because the mythology is my favorite thing about this show.
    @Lynn…yes I watch the Originals. And I LOVE THAT SHOW. I am hoping they don’t mess with the mythology on that show either. I really loved the whole backstory from VD S3 epi “Original People” and how the vampire race came to be. I don’t want the storyline to get too distorted.

  19. @Katerina thank god for fans that clarify things and you are right about the mythology of it all it’s what made me watch the show in the first place…..I even read the first books of the Vampire Diaries “the tv series ” so that I could understand the true relationship of the Salvatore brothers and their real story…the mythology was right on with our first shows of Vampire Diaries…..things that would make sense to me at present day Mystic Falls so I do get a little upset when the writers throw loopholes that boggle the mind!!!! And as for the Originals wow this Tuesday will answer alot the mysteries of the Mickelson family right from when Esther was young and met her now abusive husband…….thank god it’s been a long time coming!!!!!! I love origins it clarifys so much!!!! BUT HEY LADIES KEEP THE ANSWERS COMING I TRULEY LOVE READING THEM

  20. Yep so it can’t be the dopplegänger effect. I really hope they dnt mess w/ the originals mythology if so I may stop watching this is way off storyline!

  21. I realize when I read the comments that you girls (any guys?) are right about the authors erasing everything concerning the Originals on the Vampire Diaries. That really is a sad thing. I was hoping Caroline would go on a road trip to New Orleans to ask Klaus to un-compell Elena. Not that Klaus has a lot of free time, but I had this little bit of hope for a crossover solving this situation…

  22. I think damon is falling in love with bonnie. He called her phone to hear her voice and to say that he might miss her.

  23. Unfortunately, Nouklea, I don’t think an Original can undo another Original’s compulsion. She just needs to cross the Mystic Falls border into the magic-free zone for a minute, and she’ll lose all compulsion. They didn’t introduce that aspect of the border, if it wasn’t for a very important reason. So that’s what I’m banking on! I just wish this next episode would hurry up and get here, so we can stop speculating! lol

  24. @ruthie…I agree! I bet Elena will fig out that a quick step over the border will bd the compulsion. It’s all a set up for a few episodes of drama. The more I’m thinking about it the more I don’t mind (as long as we ARE right and it DOES happen.) they don’t seem to be dragging the storylines out but they also aren’t choppy and rushed like S5. I think the flow is pretty good this season. Damon could’ve stayed in 1994 a little longer but that’s just cuz I loved his and Bonnie’s banter. It was cute. But I do admit the speculating is somewhat fun. I like having ppl to talk to about the show. No one I know watches!
    @val…I hope Damon and Bonnie stay the good friends they’ve become. Same for Caroline and Stefan..I like them better as friends even tho Stefan is a bit of a douche do far this season. He better get his head back on straight.
    As for the originals….I think Cami is the new Caroline in Klaus’s life.

  25. @katerina I completely agree cami is definitely Klaus’s new Caroline! I also know no one else who watches so it is nice to have this site.

  26. Also I don’t think Damon is in love with Bonnie he just truly misses her as a friend he had time to warm up to her being stuck in the same day same year over and over again for god knows how long I do believe Julie Plec will end up addressing this issue at some point probably on the bonus features of the DVD set because she’s leaving a gigantic hole in the story and nobody’s happy with it

  27. Yes …. It’s a great show and congratulations to everyone who worked on it, but what makes it special is Delena! Can not wait to seeing a real reunion Delena.

  28. It make sense alaric is only alive becuz of Esther`s spell he like bonded to elena if elena dies alaric dies so she affects him, he does not affect her.that’s why the compulsion did not wear off.but I’m confused becuz Asiatic is supposed to be a original thru Esther so why did he die? Would Klaus or Elijah and the rest for if they cross into mystic falls??

  29. Lisa, Alaric and Elena aren’t linked anymore. That was broken when they died the first time. The Originals were created with Magic, so yes it makes sense that he lost all magic and became human again. He didn’t die because Joe was there to save him. She stopped his stomach wound from bleeding and he survived.

  30. I have a theory as to what happened with the compulsion lingering after Rick’s “death”. Maybe he didn’t actually die to become human again. I think possibly Jo used magic to make him human again. Yes, seems like a stretch, but as we learned in the following episode tonight ****spoiler alert**** Jo comes from the Gemini coven, which is supposedly the most powerful around. She really digs Alaric, but knew they couldn’t be together with him as a vampire. It is plausible that she harnessed her magic to turn him human again, and we just don’t know it yet. Therefore, he doesn’t die.. The compulsion sticks. The writers are too intelligent and creative to write this into the story and leave a gaping hole. There has to be a reason.

  31. @Sarah.R idk what it is, but your right the writers are wayyy too smart to leave this gaping hole in the storyline. They’ve definitely done it for a reason & from my experience a damn good one!;)

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