Vampire Diaries Episode 6.07 “Do You Remember the First Time” Preview Clip

Thanks to Zap2It, we have a brand new preview clip for this week’s episode “Do You Remember the First Time”. Enjoy a little Dalaric bromance for ya.


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  1. Damon is such a jerk at times! Yet he love Ric like they are brothers. He better not hurt Ric. That’s the one person he would end his own life over! He loves him at times I believe more than he does Stefan. Stefan I am hoping is going to get better now that his brother is back. Stefan has been lying and stuff when he should have said this I am going to stop looking and start a new life. Then maybe he should have been honest and Elena Caroline and Enzo would’ve been ok with that truth after awhile.

  2. is More than a Jerk of this bloody idiot for no respecting Elena and this idiot girl is sleeping badly she need to do something to this moron that is Damon

  3. what a moron that is Damon i can’t wait to see him punish him or kill him for lots of killing ppl like Katherina that bitch

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