Vampire Diaries – Episode 5.11 – 500 Years of Solitude – Short & Extended Previews

So what did you guys think about tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments, but first check out the short and extended previews for Episode 5.11 titled “500 Years of Solitude”, the episode airs January 23rd, when the show returns from holiday hiatus!


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  1. I think last week’s epi made for a better mid season finale.
    So is Enzo “THE” Augustine vamp? I was under the impression the Augustine vamp was the mastermind of the whole experiment thing with his own agenda. I’m still confused. Whyyyyyyyy would they let Dr. Wes live?? Wtf come on! How did Stefan get into Whitmore house without an invite???? What the hell is Aaron gonna do with the syringe? Does he even know what it’s for? I mean Wes just figured out the “formula” a min before he stuck Elena with it so wtf does Aaron need it for. And if he does know what it is my only guess is maybe he will use it on Damon so Damon stops killing humans like his family and he will only want vamp blood. Also…why does Wes want to make vamps only want to drink vamp blood anyway? So they stop killing ppl? Well then vamps will extinct their own species and there will be no more blood for healing humans. The whole storyline doesn’t excite me and is too syfy for my taste. I don’t want Kat to die. Nadia was called a “villain” by Caroline Dries in an interview I read so I’m nervous about her. I want to trust her but I don’t. She is Kat’s daughter after all. Hello???? Where is Bonnie? We work all the first half of the season to bring her back to life and she disappears. I miss the camaraderie of the whole group like Tyler Caroline Bonnie Ric Elena and the Brothers with one big bad that they all work together against. No ones stories intertwine well this season. It’s very choppy. I felt it from epi one. Plus there’s no magic. It’s too scientific and syfyish. I miss the lore and the fantasy! Too many holes. Too many questions. I’m getting frustrated. And Damon and Elena had no romance and no spark together. We only knew they were together because they called each other bf and gf. Their break up was unnecessary and predictable and disappointing. Stef and Kat are HOT
    PS Damon’s eyes when he couldn’t get Enzo outta the cage right before he flipped his switch…..swoon! Gorgeous.

  2. Are you talking about when Stefan saved Elena? She wasn’t at the Whitmore house, she was in the basement of her father’s Dr. Office.

  3. I surprisingly really enjoyed this episode. It did answer quite a few lingering questions we had, but I do agree with @Katerina that last week probably would have made a better mid-season finale. There was more suspense surrounding Damon and Elena being captured, than Katherine falling down the stairs. Especially since we know from the previews of next week that she hasn’t died yet. I’m a little disappointed with that! VD is known for its huge cliffhangers!

    I do wonder what Aaron is going to do with the compound that he picked up in the doctor’s office. Does he even know what its for? I cant picture him just randomly injecting a vamp to see what it does.

    As for Elena and Damon, their break-up was so predictable and almost anti-climactic. But, I couldnt help feel bad for her as she was burning her father’s book in the living room. She has no where else to go! She burnt down her house, so now she can’t even really go anywhere to get away from Damon for a while. She probably doesnt want to go back to school, and her and Caroline are still on the outs so dorm living would be super awkward.

    Next episode looks funny! I’m excited for that. Kat is definitely one of my favourite characters and you just know that she will bring some much needed comedic relief back into the show. I love her and Stef together :)

  4. @ruthie…no I mean when Damon and Stefan first found Aaron. He was sitting on the couch and they asked him where Wes was. That was Whitmore house right? Or was it the dorms where the party was thrown a few episodes back maybe???

  5. @sarah. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking now. But it is something the writers slip up on a lot. I wasn’t sure at first.

  6. I think Klaus turned Nadia and we’ll find that out in the 100th episode.And that is the reason he comes back has to do with her.

  7. I think Klaus turned Nadia and we’ll find that out in the 100th episode.And that the reason he comes back has to do with her.

  8. @tracy that would be interesting if Klaus did in fact turn Nadia. What if he looked her up and told her about katherine becoming a vampire and to find her. I will officially call Klaus Pappa Vamp because seriously he has turned all of our beloved Characters in some form or another. Well not turned them but she is in all their sire.

    This episode i did enjoy. It was not a super OMG mid season cliffhanger. Like someone said, realizing Enzo was the Augustine Vamp would had been a better cliffhanger; this episode made me look forward to the second part of the season. We might have a final send off for Katherine and the Drinking game looks fun, i bet it was Caroline’s idea hahahaa.

  9. I think Klaus will show up with Elijah to give Katherine a goodbye when they hear she’s kicking it OR if my wish comes true and there’s a chance she could be saved….maybe Original blood could heal her and turn her back. Perhaps the blood from her Original sire (not the person who actuall turned her the first time) is the only blood that works because we know reg vamp blood won’t do it. That would be cool. I don’t want her to die.

  10. but the person whom she is sired to was Rose and Rose is Dead. ;/ Not unless they bring her back through Bonnie which would be a possible reunion people have been waiting to see which is Rose and Damon? That could definitely be interesting hehe

  11. @Izzy I said the ORIGINAL of the sire line. Not the vamp who actually turned her. Klaus turned Crazy Mary, Mary turned Rose and Rose turned Kat.

  12. I’m just throwing ideas around. Who really knows. I figured since if the original dies so does the whole bloodline maybe it works the other way around and Klaus’s blood could save her.

  13. i think klaus will be back with tyler ’cause according to some cast’s tweets tyler is back on tvd. i think nadia is gonna put kat in elena’s body somehow. that will reset the whole love triangle and cause a huge stain in delena relationship (which is spoiler by caroline dries). i really hope that doesnt happen ’cause that will be a huge problem for damon n elena. but on last episode kat did tell nadia that “stefen actually likes this body…”, which could be a clue that body switch is gonna happen!!!

  14. I always thought elena and stephen should get back together lets face it Damon and Elena has no spark and Elena and Stephen’s is so meant to be and Stephen loves elena

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