Vampire Diaries – Episode 5.05 – Monster’s Ball – Preview

Check out the preview for next week’s episode “Monster’s Ball”. It’s Halloween!


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  1. Last night episode was so beautifully written. The damon/jeremy scene was so unexpected, and Damon has really stepped into the father role for Jeremy. I thought he was going to break his neck LOL was NOT expecting the best “bro” hug ever on television. I am really glad they all know that Bonnie is dead, and how fantastic was the memorial with her speaking through Jeremy. He knew what they all needed even though Bonnie didn’t want him to tell.
    So glad they kept the Stefan/Caroline friendship in tact even with him forgetting everything. And I kind of forgot Tyler existed, so I don’t really care that he is back. Carolines chemistry with Jesse is to intriguing especially now that he is going to be a vampire.
    Well done writers.

  2. @Kate YES that was indeed the best bro hug ever.
    I also love how the writers are showing how much Damon really lives Elena thru his relationship with Jeremy. I laughed a little when the Salvabros were laying in the street after Damon wrecked his car! Btw wtf! Lol I cried a little at the end especially when Elena had the feathers and I remembered S1 when Bon was first learning about her magic. So sad! But in the back of my mind I kept thinking…she won’t be dead forever. Lol she HAS to come back. Other than that it felt a little like a filler epi. I don’t quite get what Stefan losing his memory has to do with anything. I’m sure we’ll see soon enough. I did like Elena showing Stefan some cool vamp tricks. It was nice to see her embrace who she is now. All the stuff with Matt freaks me out and I worry about him. I wonder if the vamp blood in Jesse’s system would just heal him from whatever that weirdo Prof injected him with and his attempt to “turn” him will fail.

  3. @katerina yep it sort of felt like a filler EP to me as well!? Great memorial though!

  4. Unless the goodbye of Bonnie was so Sad even when Tyler Came to Visit the Team of Elena,s friend that was very special and very wonderful i cryed so much when Jeremy Ring the Bell for the Honor of owr dear favorite friend Bonnie

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