Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.21 – She’s Come Undone – Preview

Check out the preview for next week’s episode 4.21 “She’s Come Undone”. Hard to believe there are only 3 more episodes left for Season 4! What did you guys think of the potential spin-off “The Originals”? HUGE shocking moment revealed tonight, sound off in the comments! Also, make sure you subscribe our sister site, The Originals Online for all of the latest updates on the new show, and crossing fingers it gets picked up to series for The CW 2013 – 2014 Schedule!


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  1. wow for sure this is a keeper……….and papa Klaus…..poor kid lucky he has uncle Elijah to help out i mean Auntie becca well no mother Haley that’s funny and grandma Esther is on the other side so Uncle Elijah well have to change the diapers lol……so lets recap on the copulation of these two “shall we” did Katherine plan all that to happen to keep Klaus out of the picture ???? well honey it backfired……Elijah is all family woman don’t you get that!!!! CW will be picking this series up for sure Daniel Gillis’ performance was outstanding….but I am confused ….Marcel umm, he is the scrub nurse on Greys anatomy how is that going to work….that’s alot of travel time yes????

  2. Loved it! And I was really sceptical that I was going to like it at all.
    Lynn- IA Daniel Gilles’ performance was outstanding!!! Wow didnt’ see Haley being pregnant, wonder if the bartender/human is going to be his “Elena”. I have no doubt that they will pick it up.

    Looks like things are going to get bad before they get worse for Elena.

    I can’t believe there are only 3 episodes left, and they are going to have time to wrap up the triangle, the cure and the Silas story. Going to be an exciting few weeks.

  3. @Lynn Yes they are definitely going to pick up the originals bc they were and are all awesome on screen!! @Katie idk how in the heck they’re gonna be able to wrap it all up so soon either. Honestly I doubt they do some of it mite trickle into season five!?!? Elena is sooo gone and idk if she.will come back before next season?!? She’s doing such a job playing no humanity Elena the writers my want to keep rolling with that same story line just to keep us on the edge of our seats!!! Never know. Iam sooo excited to learn they are getting another season but their also going to have to keep katerina in the originals so idk how that will work Nina Dobrev will definitely have her hands FULL!! Also they can’t just cut Klaus out of Mystic Falls just like that, right?? Uh such an antagonizing anxious wait!!!

  4. not sure where else to post this but saw the “rumor” or spoiler that Elena will make a decision about the Salvatore brothers…I think se will walk away from both of them…at least for now…anyone else agree?

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