Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.21 – She’s Come Undone – Extended Preview

We now have the extended preview for next week’s episode 4.21 “She’s Come Undone”. WATCH!


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  1. Wow wonder if this is going to work for Elena….
    She looks so sad in that moment when she tells Stefan she is going to kill him. I swear I see emotion there.

  2. @Kate hey that’s no worse then how Stefan reacted to her when Lexi came back from the dead that one time and they had him locked up in that cellar when she wouldn’t untie him. At first he was.all like I love sooo much untie me she was like nope then he flipped his script to I never even loved you in the first place. That’s when Elena finally said get it together b/c I wont love a ghost for the remainder of my life.
    Anyway yeah Elena is so far gone it may take until next season for them to bring her back!?!? They do like to drag sh** out ya know…hope not though they may loose ratings over it b/c a lot of people hate her this way.

  3. I read a spoiler somewhere that said she will get her humanity back before the end of the season… I think it will be one of the cliffhangers….

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