Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.18 – American Gothic – Preview Clip

Check out this preview clip from next week’s episode 4.18 “American Gothic”. A little Salvatore Brother action for ya…


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  1. Elena wthout the cure is a stoned cold bitch lmfao! I can’t wait to see how this goes down Elena thinks she is just going to walk up to Kat and say give me the cure now and she’s gonna just hand it over? I think not! This should he very interesting.

  2. Like seriously though when are they going to give up on Elena? What if its too much for them to handle and they relize that she’s just another version of katerina without her humanity and just give up on her? But then again that’s what the show revovles around so…any thoughts?

  3. That scene made me laugh. I love that the girls finally put one over on lady killer Damon.

  4. @Melissa me too girl it was the best part I can’t wait to see them working together next week!!

  5. @Melissa yeah me too but there’s always gonna be that intensity between them too…

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