Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.13 – Into the Wild – Preview Clip

Check out the latest preview clip for next week’s episode 4.13 “Into the Wild”! A little Delena chit chat for you guys!


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  1. I Wounder what Elena will think of her new love when she hears him say he.doesn’t want the cure?

  2. What was Damon’s answer? I couldn’t understand what he said.

    I never thought he’d want the cure, I wouldn’t want to see him human anyway, he’s too good as a vampire. Although without it, if Elena is boringly changed back into a human, he’ll have to spend eternity without her once she dies.

    I do wonder if maybe Damon will be cured against his will, by accident, like in the books. That would break the sire bond and give them good stories to pursue. Elena couldn’t turn him again for fear of him bonding to her, and Stefan would refuse because A. he thinks being human is better and B. he then knows Damon won’t get to spend forever with the still vampire Elena.

  3. @Melissa
    If Elena turns Damon, would he be sired to her? I understand the clue for a sire bond is that the human needed to be in love with the vamp when turned… So to give them a chance, Damon would need to be turned by anyone else than Elena. I was wondering who I’d like to see for this task, and Katerine’s name came to my mind… And then I though : why weren’t Damon AND Stefan sired to Katerine, in first place? I guess the answer to that question is the typical “Don’t ask”…

  4. @nouklea, I said Elena couldn’t turn Damon for fear of him bonding. If she can’t and Stefan won’t they could have Damon trying to find ways to get turned again. You are right about Meredith having his blood. Could he be turned with it? Or would it be cured along with him? Even though it wasn’t in his body at the time. Boy was that a headache of a sentence I just wrote.

  5. @nouklea I think they were sired to Katherine well Damon was anyway and just didn’t know it. And maybe it just wasn’t as.intense as the sire bond is on Elena. I don’t know what’s going to happen wig this cure but I think there’s more to it then just a one day trip. Mr. Shane hasn’t been telling the full story something really bad is going to come of it that’s for sure.

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