Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.12 – A View To A Kill – Extended Preview

What an episode tonight! Did you guys think that Damon was a goner? How about the Stefan and Rebekah hook up? And Bonnie! She freaked me out with that evil look on her face! Sound off in the comments! But first, check out the preview for next week’s episode 3.14 “A View To A Kill”.

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  1. so Col is thrueting Bannie so Bonnie can not finding the Cure of Syless thats what i understand of this Trailers so is good then no one gets hurt sounds nice and pleasent nice and so wonderful cool thats a releaf

  2. loved last nights episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite seen…… when Stefan sticks it to Elena I jumped for joy loved
    the look on her face when she asked about Rebekah hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about time Stefan had some balls to tell
    her life goes on with out her thank you writers for putting that in!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope Khol stays love him and his accent it lends such a comical twist to the story line …….and the fact that Damon is not the leading bad ass is
    very refreshing……the story with Damon is getting stale so we need fresh blood……pardon the pun

  3. And Kol probably dies.

    Hopefully he’s returned when Silas is awakened, given he would have to die to complete the mark.

  4. Great episode.

    I kinda figured Damon wasn’t a gone but wasn’t sure how the hell they were going to stop him. Glad it was Stefan, and sucks to be Damon stuck in the basement til the cure is found. Wonder how long that will really last.

    Elena had some fire to her, she came up with a good idea about Kol. It is so much more fun watching her as a vampire. Jeremy is kind of lucky he is a hunter because no one will dare kill him of threat of the curse.

    Bonnie was super creepy. Shane was physco. Damon looked like confused a lot of this episode. Stefan was fantastic. The way he flattened Elena was great. And I was actually talking to the tv telling him to go for it with Rebakah. I thought they were hot and was really glad to see Stefan have some “crazy” rebound sex.

    What happened to Jeremys ring? Wouldn’t he just come back to life if they kill him> or is he now considered a supernatural being?

    Lots of questions I have about how this is all going to play out. I have a feeling we are going to lose one of our main characters in the next half of this season. I dont know why but it just feels like something Super dramatic and tramatizing is coming up soon.

  5. And the Award for best lines of the night goes too…….Stefan Salvatore!!!!

    1.) “Hello bother, Long time no see!”…… (breaks neck)
    To Elena: ” Your Welcome” #classic

    2.) ” You’ve never seen me like this before. You don’t know what I look like when i’m not in love with you!!”

    My heart offical melts for Stefan, he was amazing last night. Finally Elena is getting what she asked for.

    Would anyone else agree with me when I say “Where is Katherine???”, I’m sure she would want in on this cure thing.

    Heres an Idea for the writers! Bring Katherine back and have Klaus shove the cure down her throat, turning her back into the dopplerganger and use her blood to make new hybrids, just as a pay back for turning herself into a vampire in the first place.

  6. @Megan ok I am team Megan …………. if you read my comment on last nights episode I am on your side sister!!!!
    Loved Stefans bold approach to ………F U…..BABY DOLL (I hope it was ok to write that lol)…….if only he truly meant it…..time will tell…….and as for Katherine coming into the pic well she might just come ….I have a funny feeling she is in New Orleans and once Klaus makes his “Originals” appearance there she will fly the coope seeing that her
    and Marcel have hooked up (this is me thinking not a reality or a spoiler) so Katherine will be forced out and back to mystic….. I am truly hoping that Stefan returns to a worse ripper than ever….and his alliance to Damon well dam that will happen according to spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Favorite episode of the season by far. I loved the way everything just came together!! I love that their actually putting matt in some episodes now. STEFAN!?!?! WOW! i was SO happy he finally stuck it to Elena, her reaction was EPIC. I get that shes the “hero” of the story, but Rebekahs right she has been very selfish and shes gonna be FUMING jealous of STEBEKAH and i couldnt be happier! As for Damon, he’ll be out of the cellar by the next episode.. and does anybody know whose throwing Damon against the wall at 00:19 ? i think its Stefan but i’m not sure. PS i hate prof shane.

  8. @Hayden. I think it is Klaus that has Damon by the throat.
    Question- Can another original reverse a compulsion? Or does the vampire that actually compells them have to be the one to remove it? Cause maybe Klaus can uncompell Damon?

  9. @Lynn yeeeaaahhh team MegLyn finally someone who understands!!! You are right, time will tell if Stefan is serious or not, but in the mean time, I can live with him treating Elena like shit and hooking up with Rebecca, (although their vamp sex was not as HOT as her and Damon last season). Interesting theory about Katherine being in New Orleans hooking up with Marcel. That would definately bring a new dynamic to the show. I don’t want stefan to turn all rippery, however i do love bad ass stefan. I also want to see the brothers get back into their relationship. I know all of the Delana lovers won’t like this but I am so over Elena. I do not like Damon with Elena bc i think he deserves better. For them to be together, Damon has to change (into Stefan basically) and that is not fair. She had what she wanted in Stefan and now all of a sudden she wants damon to be that way too.

    I loved the part last night when she was like, “you love me and you will do anything for me” and Damon was still like, “well I have to go kill Jeremy now” Elena gets what she want s too much of the time. You would think after becoming a vampire, she would loose this damsel in distress act, but now it’s gotten even worse. I think Elena needs to be by herself, and the brothers need to reunite, not right away but eventually.

    The other thing I can’t wait to find out about is what is all this Silas stuff? Bonnie doing expression is some serious business, she was scary (and I won’t even get into how naive she is, so trusting of shane right off the bat) My theory is that Shane is Silas in some kind of reincarnation and has been trying to break this witch curse for centuries. (once again just my idea) and my reasons for this idea is bc he keeps talking about raising the dead, and the only purpose for that would be to raise the dead girlfriend that the witch killed.

    So much going on, the anxiety I get every week waiting for an episode lol.

  10. @kate he could probably compell Damon to forget about what Khol told him to do! interesting question. Wouldn’t that just make everyones life eaiser lol.

  11. @Megan yep Proff is Silas……….he has an agenda just like Klaus has with his hybrids….and this Shane dude is from deep into the underworld that we can’t even fathom right now…………if Khol is so terrified about this guy being reserected it spells trouble………….just like when Klaus’s father came into the picture last season and mommy dearest…………..Klaus was quaking in his boots……now what surprises me is that Klaus has no reason to be frightened about this Silas thing why is that???? I wonder what Elijahs take would be on this mythical character…alot of unanswered questions….. the season finally I heard is going to be so out there our heads are going to pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @Lynn, come to think about it, i’m not sure if Klaus has even heard about this Silas thing yet. He doesn’t seem to be too concerned with Prof. Shane. Klaus still thinks that the sword and Jeremy is the answer or perhaps he feels like this Silas thing is just a childrens scary bedtime story! Even in the synopsis for episode 4:14, Klaus does not go on the expedition with them, he’s back in mystic falls with Caroline (who’s probably there to distract him) and Tyler. I wonder how all of that is going to play out. My head pops every week, lol, sounds more like the finale is going to give me a heart attack :)

  13. we all know they’ll never kill off Damon i dont care how many rumors are circulating around he’s practically the star of the show. they’ll ”tease us” every once in a awhile by appearing to kill off a main character( and even if they follow through the ”dead” character wiil somehow be alive bringing back the ”dead” is done all the time on tv but could someone answer this for me? vamps are technically already ”’ dead” and vamps are immortal they cant be killed its an oxymoron jeremy is supposed to ”kill”’ vamps so the tattoo can grow revealing the cure it doesnt make any sense to me . has anyone else thought of this?

  14. also about the Stefan and Rebekka. all that was ..was ”’revenge sex” getting back at Elena for sleeping with Damon it felt good in the moment but thats all it meant to Stefan anyway though i cant speak for Rebekka because she keeps trying to remind him of all ” the fun”they had together in the 20’s she may still have feelings for him( and i kind of hope she does) it will take his mind off Elena hooking up with Damon. i also think another reason why Elena couldnt care less about finding the cure once itts found her ”sire-bond” with Damon will be severed and i think both of them like being sired to each other she admitted she loves Damon and Damon has loved her/ katherine forever the sire bond is perfect for them. what do yall think?

  15. Rebekah was right about Elena being a selfish child, but Rebekah is one too. Everyone must understand and feel her pain. Uh, get over it and stop tagging after the brother that treats you like dirt. If she is such a woman, why is she in high school hanging out with teens?

    Why did Damin say Stefan resisted compulsion? All last season was about Stefan being compelled not to feel. Yes, he resisted for five seconds, but then was caught in it. Damon resisted when Elena called his name, but then he too was taken over. Did the writers forget we had a season of ripper Stefan because he was compelled?

    Why is it whenever Elena does anything someone tells her it is due to the sire bond, yet Stefan blames her for loving Damkn when it could be the sire bond too? Either everything she does is because of the bond and she can’t be held responsible for it, or the bond isn’t that binding in which case everyone needs to stop saying her two seconds of smarts is the bond and the old Eena never would have. (fill in the blank). Her leaving a situation she couldnt help with was smart, yet Matt was miffed she didn’t stick around to whine at Damon that it was al his fault because the old Elena would have.

    I guess if they didn’t all shout she was different we’d never knw because otherwise they pretty much write her the same.

    It was a night of WTF writing.

    I like that Elena thought of killing Kol, usually she refuses to consider anyone dying, self defense being taboo, but doubt she’ll pull it off as the originals always win.

  16. @Megan about Klaus not knowing about silas well doesn’t he know everything????? He hasn’t lived a thousand years to be naive to this threatening creature called Silas>>>>>> I know Rebeka has her doubts but she was daggered like forever so she doesn’t count………….but then again Kohl was also daggered the question is how much longer was he under the knife compared to Bekah …we all know that Elijah was not a victim of Klaus’s daggering of his siblings he seemed to have escaped that route till last season when Klaus was pissed at him……..so it’s time to bring him back and tell a story that we are all dying to know… and what are the odds that Bonnies grandmama will be back to put in her story line….and what about the original dobbleganger Katiana…what if she was the one who was Silas’s true love ……. Vampire Diaries seem to connect everyone to everything from the beginning yes???????

  17. Bring Katherine back!!!! I can’t believe Elena trusted Damon at the house with Jeremy that is so out of character for her I’m so glad Stefan Finally stuck it to her! But on the other hand I’m so team to stelena I miss their expic love. I almost jumped out of my skin at the TV when he had sex with Rebekah!!! And in this preview they showed Damon out talking so what he’s not locked up anymore??? So many questions for the show.

  18. Loved the episode but found it a little sad. Please let Damon be happy for once! He offered to die so he wouldn’t have to kill Jeremy…he’s getting better, he deserves more love delena scenes and not be tortured!!! Love bad ass Stephen!
    Will Damon die? show can’t afford to lose him for long show will lose a lot of viewers without him, but something bad will happen soon.

  19. Does anyone know what the song is that is playing at about 36 minutes into the show?

  20. God finally some Stebecka even if it was just a “rebound” thing, I just love the way he said he was not gonna get any attachtment watsoever and I almost believed him for a second. Also i’m glad he’s not a martyr anymore I prefer bad Stefan o and putting Elena in her place (which i’ve been waiting for since I read the books) amazing (yeah I know i’m baised). Hopefully Katherine will come back to wreck havock and will be right with the world.
    Sincerely, BookFreak773

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