Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.10 – After School Special – Extended Preview

We now have the extended preview for episode 4.10 titled “After School Special”. The episode will air when the show returns from holiday hiatus, January 17th, 2013.


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  1. I guess I was wrong on my theory of the council being resurrected via the hybrid sacrifice. Never expected Klaus to be the one doing all of the killings, but it was a good scene.

    Sooooooooo, why is Kol back in this episode?

  2. I havnet read the boks (apparently) but elena and damon are so right together. Episodes 7 and 8 Best episodes ever.

  3. @Sam it seems like they needed to kill 12 humans and 12 hybrids. Or maybe they needed to kill 12 werewolves and 12 vampires, but hybrids covered both? Glad you I’d Kol, I didn’t recognize the one guy they flashed real quick. Can I hope for.elijah?

    @Ceren, the show does a much better job of showing .damon loves Elena than the books.

    There doesn’t seem to be a sense of urgency to do this spell right after the sacrifices. The council died weeks ago, I think, and they hybrids died with who k kes how long until Jeremy’s mark is complete so they can use it.

  4. @Melissa, I personally think Angry Stefan is hot because he resembles then in personality to Damon’s. Damon is aggressive when taunted, strong, funny, loyal, opinionated, fights for those he loves at the risk of losing his own life, a risk-taker, impulsive, passionate, rash, sees life as an adventure, is not afraid to fight. I am completely taken by his personality.

  5. I hope Stefan tears into Elena. Stefan shouldn’t take her back. If you want to be with Damon go ahead, I am moving on with my life.

    Elena should have to work hard to get Stefan back. I hope that is where it is leading up too.

    Stefan does look hot when he is angry.

  6. Hope they don’t bring Kol back just to have Jeremy off him with the white oak stake.
    Think about it….killing an Original & their entire bloodline would grow the Hunter’s Mark pretty fast wouldn’t it?

  7. @Melissa I don’t think Elijah is in the episode sweetheart. He’ll be back in a few more.
    As much as I like the Originals I hope they stay away, because I don’t want to see them killed, and that stake is still around, and who knows how powerful Silas will be when they unleash him…

  8. @Sam, I wondered the same thing abut killing an original earning Jeremy more tattoo points. Really, how long can they have Jer killing random vamps? Something does have to speed it up, so maybe your theory will be the solution.

  9. Or he’ll just keep “killing” one with a regular stake since they’ll just keep coming back.

    I think killing off Kol and his entire bloodline randomly would be a waste of a character, but given how the show wasted Finn and Sage’s potential last season, sometimes I wouldn’t put it past JP and the writers just to do this for shock value.

  10. @Sam, I was thinking the same thing about Kol being fodder like Finn. I think they invested more in establishing Rebekah, but then that would make killing her more of a shock.

    Like your idea about using a normal stake on an original over and over. I wonder if that would count?

    I suspect Klaus’ “pity” line to Damon is really something about, “Elena is in danger and you’re here helping Jeremy grow his mark, pity.”

  11. @donna i totally agree! Elena should have to chase Stefan. but right now i dont believe she deserves him at all, like delena fans aren’t seeing that Stefan has every right to be acting the way he is. It has been a long time coming.

    What if Stefan slept with like Bonnie or something? Elena wouldn’t be furious and devastated?
    I don’t like the whole Delena story line this season, in previous seasons i have but they’re taking it too far and this sire this is awkward to me.

  12. i think i m staring to hate the show coz Klaus Drawn the mother of Tayler so i m staring to dislike the show so badly coz it is so wrong to kill the mother of Tayler Klaus so the show is getting to worse and worse every stupid time i ,ve seen the show and this time this episode cross the line drawning the mother of Tayler stupid moron of Klaus

    I m Sorry Ruth for my acitud but i,ve seen the show of the vampire diaries epsode “o Come all ye Faithfull” and it pisses me off when Klause drawned the mother of Tayler that pore inocent ppl damned moron Klause i can’t wait to Talyer Kill spashing the Head of Klause Tayler coz of the Death of he,s mother stupid Moron of Klaus

  13. but the part of i extremely love from the show of the vampire diaries of “O come all ye faithfull” is when Caroline Resurected from the Death when the other girl found in the restroom Caroline dead caroline Resurected beautifully and i like to see resurected to the mother of Tayer that it would be Fantastic and so much beautifully WUW!!

  14. the Better and the Worse episode i have Ever seen in this 4 season on the vampire diaries “o come all ye Faithfull”
    the better is coz Caroline Resurected beautifuly the sweet honey kindly and beautfuly young girl as Caroline and the worse and so profoundly badly worse is the scene of the drawning of the taylers mom so worse but in that case i can’t wait to eat with my popcorn see dead Klause from part of Taylers from part of taylers mom i can’t wait to see that scene to see Taylers kill klaus o YEESSS!!!!!

  15. I love the vampire diaries. It’s filmed in Covington GA right outside Atlanta where I live. I’m trying to become an extra.

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