Vampire Diaries – Episode 4.07 – My Brother’s Keeper – Preview Clip #2

Thanks to TV Guide we have another awesome preview clip from this coming Thursday’s new episode 4.07 “My Brother’s Keeper”. Damon finds out about Stefan and Elena’s breakup.


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  1. Is it just me, or is Stefan just being a di** right now?
    I mean, come on! He had Elena for three seasons now (or at least he had the chance to have her for three seasons, if he didnt shut his emotions of n/being the ripper and all that sh.) People say Damon is such a bad brother cause he fell inlove with his brothers girlfriend, but really, you dont choose who you fall inlove with.. It’s Damons turn now! We want Delena, we need Delena, and we’re gonna have Delena, NOW!

  2. I get why Stefan is acting the way he is… Sure it is not fair to Damon, since he has done nothing but be a good brother to Stefan, but come on – wouldn’t you be a little pissed if you were in Stefans shoes? I know I would!

    But Damon has won Elena fair and square now.. It is no ones fault.. We fall in and out of love – that is how it works.

  3. Love this. Love that Stefan has the chip on his shoulder. His girlfriend broke up with him because she has feelings for his brother. AWKWARD. And Damon was a really great big brother although I agree with Stefan and probably would have punched Damon in the face LOL even if it isn’t his fault.

    I am not convinced we are getting Damon and ELena. This season Damon is different, his love for his brother is the strongest thing he has. And although he loves Elena I think if it will mean destroying what he has with Stefan he wont go there. (unless they give Stefan another love interest)

    I think we will get some hot moments and maybe even some kisses, but as for Delena being a couple on the show I dont’ see it yet. The dynamic they have built up between Stefan and Damon is amazing to watch and I really think this is who the real “root for” couple is.

    I would love to see Stefan with someone else without all the guilt. He has such great chemistry with a lot of people on the show another romance would be very fun to watch.

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