Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.21 – Before Sunset – US and Canadian Previews

Wow…tonight’s episode was a shocker! Let me know what you guys thought, sound off in the comments. But first, at your own risk, take a look at the US & Canadian (always more spoilery) previews for next week’s episode “Before Sunset”.

US Preview

Canadian Preview


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  1. If Esther suffers every time Klaus kills well then I hope he goes on a massacre. That b…witch needs some serious pain. Elena was right, she is as bad as her son, her way by coeresion and death. Glad she is gone.

    Also glad Bonnie has a witch to thank for her most recent pain, she can’t blame Elena or a vampire, maybe her holier than thou will give an inch. Witches are selfish and not so nice too.

    I really thought Ric was going to bite Damon, Bonnie turning up was a shock. But he is still going to die though once his mission is over Figured with the actor having a fall pilot = no more Ric. Like that the preview said Ric is stronger than Klaus it will be fun to see Klaus take a beating. Although Elena’s vampire hunting skills won’t do her much good then.

    Speaking of Elena I found her very weak “who will take care of us?”. It is grown up time Elena. Take care of yourself. I hate that she is always at someone’s mercy, time for her to be a vampire so she doesn’t need to depend on the kindness of strangers.

    So much for JP saying both sides of the triangle will be explored. Delena didn’t get a scene.

  2. i agree @melissa one little kiss scene with damon and thats considered a chance for delena i think that was to just satisfy delena fans. stefan will be the choice she makes which i like stefan but i think damon makes her a stronger person like rose said i think he helps her make choices that are more grown up.. she was very childish in tonight’s episode i hope to see her as a strong young woman not a child.
    On another note i really didnt see ric being the bad guy which sucks cuz i really liked him. i hope he can get his humanity back. after he whoops on klaus a little cuz he definitely needs it.
    i think caroline tyler klaus is going to get interesting even though she loves tyler she is drawn to klaus too so that will be interesting i would like to see klaus save caroline again to show his humanity..

  3. I can’t be mad with Esther, she gave TVD a villain!! *giggles* I think I was probably the only one cheering for Bad!Alaric. Matt Davis did a great job at playing baddy when he was possessed by Klaus, so I’m very happy to see him being the villain. And I mean if I had to go with one more episode with Alaric and his guilty trip, I was gonna cry. This is good for the show and will move things forward.

    The Jamie/Bonnie thing gave me goosebumps(I just… I can’t, I just can’t) and I was soooo sad when Klaus let him go! :( But as Melissa said, this will be good for Bonnie to have been used by witches to hurt someone she cared about. So I’m happy that she was the one who did it, it will make her grow as a character. My wish now is to get that friendship/teamwork Stefan/Bonnie back. They had great chemistry as partner (friends) and I hope this tragedy will give us that.

    And Elena… oh dear… REALLY?! Can we just introduce new girls for both brothers please?! :D

    @Melissa The last thing we can do is believe was JP says during interview. I mean everything is always EPIC and AWESOME, or about this character or that couple and let’s face it, it never is. LOL

  4. Tonights episode was very interesting but super disappointing for me as a Delena fan. I really feel like episode 19 was a joke now and I feel stupid for thinking Delena had a chance. Elena will obviously choose Stefan which in my opinion is just poor writing and television because Damon and Elena have both evolved so much this season while Stefan was tearing up tennessee with klaus. Stefan almost killed Elena too. And now only a few episodes later she’s falling right back into Stefan’s arms. It’s not fair! This whole season will be a waste if she chooses Stefan. If Delena doesn’t have one hell of a moment next episode then it’s obvious her choice is Stefan. I’m very disappointed in this show ATM.

  5. I agree with Nicole I think Damon and elena should try it out… They are either the best thing for eachother or worst thing but give it a chance and the whole klaus thing is getting old he has become nicer I think hasn’t started shit Stefan and is revenge plan never works out and I’m getting bored of the kill klause and the originals even if they do what will happen to Stefan Damon Tyler Caroline and anyone connected to them they might die … But on a good note love Jeramy being back !!!

  6. i hope bonnie doesnt die coz Rec bite her when she got manipulated by esther

  7. mother fucker i hope bonnie don’t die please if she is is not fair for bonnie cos my dear sweety bonnie was a powerful witch a protector witch AND IS NOT FAIR FOR A WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( DAMNED!!!!!!!!! or is alaric or is bonnie

  8. Looks like Bonnie will have to eat crow after tonights episode!!!!!!!!!! Yes witches are bitches…..they do take care of their own though….I am reading Stefans Diaries at the moment “The compelled” and these witches are mean and truly hate vampires……….. And kudos to Stefan the perfect man for Elena…….he is everything she needs and he dam well proved it last night………passion fizzels after a while but true love remains her “epic love” …And is it me or did Alaric look smoking hot when he turnes into a villan wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! So true about Ester all she wants is to get rid of her errors of creation ………….but lets get real we need these vamps…..nice to hear that Aunt Jenna is doing well in her after life!!!!!! And as for Klaus saving Caroline um I don’t thinks so…..if he does his trade off will be taking Elena with him where ever he goes ahh maybe Italy lol………this was a fantastic episode and for those who continue to critisize……watch your other shows that are on rerun mode!!!!!!

  9. Was I the only one annoyed that Elena seemed more upset that she was going to have make her own coffee than that Ric was dead? She is at an age where teens start to take on life alone, but she needs her hand held? And who wants their boyfriend to step into a dad role? Stefan reallynmakes her weak. You didn’t see Damon there offering to be dad, he would have told her she’d be ok alone.

    Although Esther saying Elena would see how Ric died, has me wondering if he isn’t compelled to take Elena into death with him.

  10. I like the episode even though I am a Delena fan. Glad we got our moment last week but I am kinda over the triangle and if this is the way it will continue to play (and it will even if she does indeed choose one) I think they need to move on quickly.
    I want the Salvatore brothers together. I never liked the Stefan character until they gave him the edge. So I hope they don’t turn him back into the goody goody vampire from the last 2 seasons. BORING

    Ric was super hot villian and I cried when he died (I think more then Elena did.) I didn’t get why she was just kinda like “oh hum this is for the best” I didn’t really get Elena in this episode at all and am praying that the writers pull it out in the next 3 episodes.

    Love new independant Jeremy fed up with his sisters BS
    ALthough I like Tyler/Caroline I am officially on team Klaus/Caroline.
    Loved the scene with Alaric and Damon. Damon is a realist. But he was so sad to lose his friend.

    Overall I was shocked how it ended. The writers can sure throw some loops. And I am exctied to see what happens with Alaric. Who ends up having to kill him (cause you know he isn’t going get all the vampires) so he isn’t going to die because of the curse. Guess we wait and see.

  11. @Melissa you are not the only one that thought elena was more worried bout herself then her friend dying.. As she’s crys on Stefan shoulder what am I gonna do know I have no one.. Wow very chdish I wanted to see her character evolve not back track. Now she’s using Stefan as a daddy just weird there’s comforting an taking on the role of a grown up which is just showing she’s not ready for a grown up relationship. Did anyone else feel bad for damon? Considering he cares bout ric an had to be the bad guy like always. Not that he killed him but he was going to have to do what had to be done..
    I’m ready to see klaus as the good guy I’m tired of him being bad I’d like to see him pursue caroline even though I like Tyler but I think it could be interesting..

  12. This could be my PMS talking, but I was just annoyed with everyone except Damon and Ric last night. And probably only escaped my wrath because they were barely in it. Damon did get the line of the night with his “apology” to Bonnie. On another site a reviewer gave those points to Bonnie for telling Damon his choices cause suffering and there was another choice besides turning Abby. Really? What? The choice was to let Elena die, kill Abby, turn Abby, Kill Bonnie or turn Bonnie. What would the dour witch have preferred? The lesser evil was chosen and I did not hear her offering up another alternative. Now for then other pet peeves…

    I liked Caroline warning Matt that Elena was spoken for, but she have to add the warning that Elena brings trouble? She seems to be joining Bonnie in the blame Elena boat when Elena isn’t to blame for anything because Elena does nothing. Ever. At least let her hit a cat with her car so someone has an actual reason to be mad at her. Jeez.

    Elena is on my list for whining about herself instead of about her dead friend. She is also there for blaming herself for Ric becoming Esther’s pawn. That blame lies solely with Esther. And all the whining in the tomb to stop, for good Ric to return…was just a repeat of begging good Stefan to come back. She might have had the line of the night telling Esther that she was just like Kalus, if the writers weren’t intent on making Esther seem like she is some sort of hero. The hero should end JUST Klaus, not everyone. But then Esther, like Bonnie, doesn’t seem to think her poo stinks. It does.

    Hard to believe, and I still want him gone, but the character I cheered was Klaus crowing that Esther was back in her coffin. Could have done w/o his standard army rant. He is 1000, why does he still carry on like a 14 year old declaring he is going to get all his friends and beat you up? But then It seemed to be the night for immaturity. Sorry, Elena really annoyed me. She is old enough to learn to stand on her own.

    Will Elena ever stand on her own? Or will she forever need a babysitter? Will Bonnie ever admit witches just suck?

  13. @Melissa I think both Bonnie and Damon were right. In the end of the day, they chose to not seek her out, when they had the time (we saw in the preview that Stefan had gone to see Bonnie about it, and it was cut from the episode?! Weird) My problem with Damon is that he justifies what he does saying that he can’t control the events and can’t admit that he was wrong. In that point Bonnie and him looks quite the same. She does’t accept her mistakes (and lets face it, when she does people always find something to complain about) and blames other, but Damon does take his responsibility for thing he does. (As Alaric said, he had to die to get an apology out of Damon… I mean Damon’s reason for breaking Ric’s neck was because he was getting on his nerves…)

    Elena is at the center of everything, and her playing the “child” like this makes her an easy target. But I didn’t see Bonnie and Caroline as attacking Elena, but stating a fact; no matter what, Elena being the doppelganger protected her for a very long time (she is both a magnet for problem, but has a lot of people protecting her) basically she creates lots of collateral damage without meaning too. I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes. Sadly I think she’s been slowly turned into a Mary Sue, making her (for me who adored her in S1) a not so lovable character.

    I love Esther, she is what she is, a servant a nature and wants to correct her mistake, she doesn’t have any other solution than to stop her children. For sure everyone hates her because she is a treat to the Salvatore, but in the end she did make a point; Elena’s trouble started because of vampires. But as I said before, I have a soft spot for Esther because she brought in a REAL villain and someone who doesn’t give a crap about Elena for a change LOL I’m cruel (I’ve said it many times before) but I usually root for the villains because in my opinion a hero can’t be what he/she is without a villain.

    I guess Elena will temporary stand for herself at the end of S3, my question is, will she do it because she wants to and has matured or because she won’t have had a choice. Bonnie’s evolution is the only one that “follows” the TVD timeline line. You cannot get over everything that all the characters had in such a short amount of time. Bonnie is the kind of character that I love because she had this babel tower has a foundation and usually have the most beautiful breakdown when those foundations are ripped from her, which from JP previews will pretty much be part of her evolution as a character. (Someone who has always been control, first by vampires and now by witches) I just enjoy seeing a character being broken like that, because when they are put back together, they become amazing characters. Whether they turn villain (like Alaric) or not.

    But yes, I think you might be slightly frustrated! :P Still love you though

  14. I love Rick is going to be the bad guy, he really did prove he is good at it when he was Klaus. I had hoped for that our Salvatore boys and Klaus would be figthing together against Ester at some point, it turned out to be Rick , thats even better. Perhaps they Will succeed later to get good Rick back!
    As a Delena fan I will say that no one can be disapointed about that kiss, that was really HOT. But ofcause I really like to see more Delena heat. It looks like she Will choose Stefan because she is still young and insicure specially now she looses Rick. You should not blame her for beeing a little girl in that moment. She has been very strong for a long time. Right now she feel safe falling into Stefans arms, but Damon is the one to help her get stronger and grow up. So it would really be epic if she ends up with Damon this season end, because she realises that Damon Can give her all she needs and hé is very strong in many ways. She has not kissed Stefan yet so there is still hope. I love the way the two brothers work together perfekt. That would bee cool if they wont let Elena get between this bond. Maybee Rebekka work with the two boys also and a flirt starts between her and the boys. That would make Elena jeallous again I liked that ;-) Klaus and Caroline that is working very well too, maybee she is the reason if Klaus desides not to kidnap Elena, because she kisses him and gives him hope, maybee after he saved her from Rick.

  15. I really dislike all the people saying Elena was acting childish and immature. She went from having parents, who died, to meeting a guy who’s a vampire, realizing her parents weren’t actually her parents, finding her real parents, then they die, then her aunt dies, and her bf loses his humanity and no longer cares for her, then Ric, the only other parent like figure she has dies. I mean sorry she didn’t cry desperately over it, but in that situation, I would feel the same. I’ve lost absolutely everyone I’ve ever loved and cared for, and have no one left to look out for me. It wasn’t a selfish thing, and it was also setting up the season, and allowing Stefan to prove that he still loves her and will always be there for her. Yes her and Damon were hot and passionate, but Damon will never be who she needs him to be. He said that the last episode, that he didn’t want to let her down and disappoint her if she had different expectations of him when she asked why he didn’t allow people to see the “real” him. What they have is lust and chemistry. With Stefan it’s real, it embodies what real love should be. When you love someone, no matter what complications may arise, you always find your way back to each other and know that it’s real, and that’s what they’ve done. They’ve slowly been finding their way back. And if anyone has read the books, she ends up with Stefan, that’s her true love, and if you don’t like that in the show and are bored of it then don’t watch. The whole premise since season one sets it up so that she ultimately belongs with Stefan, anyone else doesn’t make sense.

  16. i can say that last night episode is too much going on and not enough time i mean i like the dances and things but there is not enough it was like ten minutes of dance if that and the rest a serious crisis jumping scene to scene. i want to know about there schooling they never show much of there school so do they even go anymore. in buffy they showed the school everyday and you could tell when time is passing i mean its 3rd season in tvd its only been a year and a half.. well how do you know how much time has passed they never attend school. i love stefan and damon both and ill be glad to see them get through everything even though they love the same girl.. i do wish that tvd would at least make stefan do some of the dirty work.. Damon seems to get all the dirty work and i know he did some of it to make stefan look better but i would rather see stefan as a bad guy hes much sexier.

    im ready for katherine to come back i miss her character. she was a strong character and much better then cry baby elena. i get that she has been under a lot of stress but really if your big problem is your the doppleganger wouldnt you just say screw it turn me so no one else has to die. either that or deal with being the doppleganger and quit crying bout it an take charge. i liked when she was learning how to defend herself i want to see that elena.

    Im also ready for Elijah to come back i really like him a lot. hes the noble bada** that you just cant help but love. i hope they bring him back to fight with mommy dearest especially since she seemed to not want to hurt him since he was a noble man.

  17. @alma i get that she ends up with stefan in the books but this is a tv series theres a difference there not going to make it exactly the same or people would get bored and not watch. i also get you love stefan but if you truly love someone so greatly then why would you fall in love with someone else. I can tell you that the kind of love stefan and elena have is the kind that is pure and sweet but when i think of love i think of challenges heartache chemistry lust passion sweetness love is suppose to be a challenge and be a journey you are right in that aspect but whether elena and stefans love is epic i have to say not for me maybe for some it is. and as far as elena being a child i think she was very much a child because shes eighteen she should be taking charge of the house shes not alone she has a younger brother that she is going to have to take care of. when she cries to stefan bout not having anyone she has her brother. i get she has had a lot of loss but thats been over a year or so ago time to deal and become a stronger individual. some of the loss was new but the majority wasnt. i think that is why people are made because she doesnt take charge of her life its time.. the show is actually based on a love triangle not the idea of stefan and elena will be together. i personally like both brothers and if stefan would puff up and be more like the ripper i would say stelena.. but it appears hes going back to sappy love.

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