Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.20 – Do Not Go Gentle – Preview Clip

The CW has released a preview clip for next week’s episode “Do Not Go Gentle”.


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  1. Damon always knows something is up……that’s how he gets into trouble………he has a keen sense of oh oh…including his little speech to Elena in last episode……figured it out without Elena confessing…..

  2. Yeah, people don’t give him enough credit as far as his intelligence and intuition goes. Remember when he thought it was bad idea to meet with Esther? Elena blindly gave her blood without knowing she could for sure trust Esther, and it turns out if not for other stuff happening everyone would have died. Heck, looking back I don’t blame him for not trusting Elijah’s potion either.

  3. hi one question i have , one person is die end of this season is this true? one of my friend told me this ?! tell me if you have any idea about this thank you

  4. @meliz yea someone dies they say its a main character im curious to see who they decide.. i really hope its not Jeremy considering he’s the only family elena has left.

    Damon is very good at reading people and picking up on clues so i think he knows there is something different even though he pretends not to care about Alaric i think he really does consider him his best friend.

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