Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.19 – Heart of Darkness – Preview

Oh wow…tonight’s episode was such a game changer! Let me know what you guys thought about it in the comments! But first, check out the preview for Episode 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”.

UPDATE: For those asking about the song in the promo, it’s Turn It Back by Nik Ammar. Here’s a link on YouTube.


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  1. OMG! damon and elena r getting interesting again!!!!!! im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG! Great episode!

    I can’t believe the new plot twist that they introduced this episode! The writers are amazingly creative.

    How are they going to figure out who turned Rose into a vampire? I dont think that it was any of the originals directly as she had only ever met Elijah, and she had no idea that he was Klaus’ brother.

    I can’t believe that Ric “lost” the stake! That is going to cause some problems for them, with Klaus!

    And lastly, amazing Stelena scene! Im a total Delena fan, but even so, my heart was breaking during this scene. I was so confused whether Stefan was caring, or uncaring – if his switch was on or off – but its evident that he still truly loves her.

  3. Hubby thinks that because Rose is already dead that it is irrelevant who turned her because that line became broken with her death. Finn however only ever turned Sage who in turn made the other vampires in Finn’s line. Don’t know. It is only speculation.

    But I do have to admit that was quite the little twist to the original plot line.


  5. AND THE PLOT THICKENS……… Esther knew all this was going to happen it was her creation of vampires that upset the balance of nature…she new that if killing all of them would rid of all the vampires that were created……. and for all of those who are Delana fans I hope you are finally happy…….I feel for Stefan his love for Elena is what is going to put the dagger in his heart …..Rebekha finally sees Klaus for who he really is and will join Esther (the mother she always needed) hence her holding hands with her on the next episode…..but what has Jeremy got to do with waking up an old vampire……????? will we see Elijah again????Kohl is rumored to come back will we see the death of that one???? Is Klaus going to take Elena and run off to Europe and dump Caroline…..we all know that Klaus has to stay alive yes????Will Alaric slash alter ego end up killing the only blood line that keeps Damon and STEFAN alive????? Is Katherine coming back (fourth season) to cause the ultimate break up between the brothers ……………why did Elena’s parents really die on Wickery bridge……was that all of Esther’s plan from the grave to get all the vampires gathered (originals) in Mystic Falls…..everything happens for a reason correct????? The next plan is to find a way to turn Stefan and Damon back to humans…….kinda like the books???? Damon will not enjoy being human but Stefan??? Ok Julie Plec put me on your team of writers and I can be an asset on season four !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I found myself awarding “prizes” to certain lines or scenes as I watched it so here you go…

    WTF line of the night: Elena saying they didn’t have to worry about her going soft on killing an original after what happened to Bonnie’s mom. Um, Abby the deadbeat parent you don’t even know, who has again bailed on your best friend being turned into a vampire drives you to kill when Klaus tormenting you and your loved ones, stealing your blood and killing YOUR AUNT has you moralizing over killing?! Say it with me folks, WTF!

    Most worn out line: Klaus threatening to kill someone’s family. Yawn. I hear it every week, can’t he want to destroy the world or something?

    Line that lost it’s oomph because it came too late: Stefan admitting he watched Elena start to feel for Damon and did nothing. That would have had great impact before several tortuously boring eps of him being an a-hole to Elena, but now that Delena’s growing bond has all but been wiped out and forgotten, they toss this in. Stefan realizing what he let happen should have been a kick to the gut that snapped him back in form quick, not a quiet revelation he came to while Elena was delivering a lecture.

    So over: Rebbeca the lost little girl. When your age is in the four digits, it is time to stop looking for daddy figures to cling to. Face it Bex, like the men you sleep with, Klaus is with you for a good time, but when reality sets in, he is just not that into you.

    Honorable so over mention goes to: adding characters just to kill them off. The point of Sage and Finn, or the vanished Kol was? Anyone? No?

    Scene tha should have been real: Elena saving and feeding Damon. Would have been a nice mirror to her feeding Stefan when he got hurt and shown that she trusts Damon.

    Scene we needed: Instead of another roadblock to ending Klaus being erected, why couldn’t Sage die from a stake Elena put in her back? Would have put Elena’s training to use and given her more to do than be a victim.

  7. Kol’s probably not gone for good, I think he’s in Denver in case Klaus wants him to kill Jeremy. Sage and Finn were cute, it’s sad they both died but I think it did serve a purpose, how else would they find out about the bloodline thing?

    I’d much rather Elena take out Klaus than Sage, she didn’t even know Sage and she’s not the kind of person who can just kill someone she doesn’t know and hasn’t done anything to her. Klaus on the other hand has basically ruined her life, caused a rift between her and Stefan, threatened her family and killed Jenna. She’s been training all season so I think she deserves the final hit :)

  8. I also want to know the name of the song playing in the background of the promo. . . PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!! Anyway, i can’t wait until April 19, why does it have to be three weeks!

  9. anybody knows the name of the song playing in the promo? please let me know if you do, i’ve been trying to find it since friday..

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