Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.18 – The Murder of One – Extended Preview

We now have the extended preview for next week’s episode “The Murder of One”.


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  1. Ok, why do they try to play up that there is a possibility Kalus and all his siblings will die when therre are 5 episodes left? We all know he is making it to episode 22, so unless one whole day lasts 5 whole episodes, the stake plan is destined to fail sooner rather than later.

    It looked like Sage punched Rebekah while Elena stood there watching.

    I wonder if Elena will open a vein to heal Damon of Rebekah’s torture?

  2. Damned if those original vampire Klaus team kill Demon its going to be the mejor worse and worse that i know of so they better not kill Demon so they going to be suffer the third or more times if rebbeca touch one more time theyre are going to kill Rebbeca and i enjoied how to kill rebecca the lovely kat mouse the little kat blondie bitch

  3. in the canadian trailer Damon kiss someone? Maybe Damon gets to have drink from Elenas neck so they Can escape together. Elena is getting more tough so a little bite why not ;-) and then his blood to heal afterwards. That would be cool. I am still hoping for Damon -Elena love before this end of season. I like Rebecca, I Can compleatly understand she is torturing Damon. Hé is trying to kill her and her brothers. To bad. I hope klaus force Bonnie to find a way to break the Bond between the originals in that Way wee dont lose Them all. Ian Said in a interview those originals Can be really mean like they are planning something really dreadfull so …it proberly end up with Klaus death this season unfortuanally.

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