Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.16 – 1912 – Preview

Yes…it’s true, after tonight’s episode, begins a month long hiatus. It’s inevitable, it happens every year. The Vampire Diaries will return with all new episodes March 15th with Episode 3.16 “1912”. Check out the preview below! And what did you guys think about tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Well after that, Elena will surely hate both brothers. And I felt so bad for both Bonnie and Abby. And after 3 seasons, must I say that I was surprised to hear Caroline say that Bonnie was always the one to suffer in the end. I was seriously gobsmacked. (and might have actually applauded)

    And NOOOOOOOOOOO not Alaric please please!!! :(

  2. Seriously, poor Damon. He deserves some love! I wish Elena would show more emotions towards him since we all know she has feelings for him.

  3. The one thing this town needs less than another vampire is another dead parent.

    Bonnie can’t blame Elena for her suffering. Grams died because she played dirty and had to extend herself to fix it. Not learning, Bonnie played dirtynwith the Gilbert device and got Caroline on the road to being a vampire. Be mad at Damon and Stefan for doing it, but Elena had no part in it. And they could have killed Abby, at least she is still around.

    Tonight was ok, but nothing great.

  4. ok now Bonnie loves her mommy again give me a break ………….she has been missing in action for the last part of Bonnie’s life and now Bonnie feels for her……….what the ………………….and Klaus is now burning pics of his sweetie
    …………………like what did you think bad boy……….where the hell is Tyler and Damon please…….you are always feeling sorry for your self………….Stefan get off your high horse already…………do something but this limbo shit is driving me mad………………Elena go on a holiday away from all these so called saviours and friends….there is no one looking out for your best interest not even Elijah who tricked you into being stupid not “compassionate” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Alaric my friend are you blind or just an idiot when it comes to women…..holey man start retaliating already!!!!!!!! And where in the hell did Esther go???????? So did she really hate her husband or love him ?????? I could not tell when her comment to Bonnie’s mom was a happy one about locking Meachale in his coffin…..that left me a little perplexed….. so a month off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me a break………you had three months prior to this one like what the ……………………

  5. I really enjoyed the Originals. tonight. Elijah has stolen my heart, and I am totally loving Klaus and Caroline. Never did see the chemistry of her and Tyler. Rebekah was great last night and I really enjoyed Kol as well. As far as Fin and Mama original I hope they stay wherever they vanished to.

    love that Damon is back to his old self and off the Elena wagon (I hope) He is unbelievably hot and deserves to have some real love without trying to fit into Elenas life whenever she feels lonely.
    I really hate the triangle, and think that Elena should be alone. cause she really is treating the men in her life horribly. And I get they have done some seriously twisted stuff to her but really ELena they are vampires….WTF did you think they were going to do???

    So Stefan is obviously back from the dark side. And I shudder to think we may lose sexy, angry Stefan and go back to Elenas ass kissing puppy dog. DONT DO IT WRITERS This is the real Stefan. And he is HOT!
    I really enjoyed the Caroline/Elena scene. I think it really hit home to Elena that most of what happens is because people are always trying to save her.

    And I will not believe that the writers would have Alaric dead again!!!! It is ridiculous and I am sure not what happened ( as it never is what it seems on this show).

    Another hiatus good lord.!!!!

  6. Does anyone know what is the song used in this preview? After she says “a woman isn’t just for food?”

    I like the beat.

  7. @Melissa LoL First time not agreeing with you. I’m kinda sad that it’s happening! :( LoL But seriously, tonight was 100% Elena’s fault, if she hadn’t told Elijah about the spell, the Originals would have been death. The way I interpreted it (Caroline’s speech) is that in the end, Bonnie (and anyone close to Elena, in my opinion) always suffers the collateral damage of saving Elena. And Damon said it himself between Elena and Bonnie, it would always be Elena. I guess in any other episode I would have agreed with you about blaming Damon and Stefan, but in that case, they got into the mess in the first place because Elena revealed the plan to Elijah. Damon and Stefan just did what they always do, they chose Elena. LOL OH BUT I totally agree with you on the death!parent/vampire!parent thing, but I mean, did they run out of plotlines already?! LOLOLOL

    And surprisingly, I looooved the episode, but not happy with Kol’s and Elijah’s departure and the possibility of losing Alaric

  8. I also loved this episode: first of all, Damon waking up with Rebekah follows her to the door, and Elena being surprised and jealous. I would like to see more of Damon Rebekah maybe working together at the same side for some reason. Maybe because their mother becomes a treat to all vampires. Elena would take side with Damon and Stefan in that matter. Bonnie, after what happend would take the witches side. I would love to see Elena get more jealous at Damon because of him dating Rebekah. And Stefan and Elena will try one more time to get back together but something goes wrong, he cant stay away from the blood and the ripper side shows again. Not always in control. Stefan told her so, it takes 30 years to recover. So when it all comes down to the end of this season Elena realice she needs Damon and love him the way he is. When things are getting dangerous because he is good at planning and finding solutions, he and Stefan works well together. I hope Damon and Elena gets together in the end of this season. But I think its time for Elena to give Damon an apology, I would like to see that. It is not only Damon who has difficulties in expressing emotions like that!!! Kol and Kaus offcause wee need them don´t´stay away too long ;-)

  9. Exuse me to said this but the only stronger guy who i know who is to much powerful and is to smart is Demon he is the guy who are the protector of all the season of the vampire diaries and inteligently so impresibe in the episode of all my children so inteligent so smart them stepan and i feel pain for Alaric coz the girl who was with Alaric kill Alaric with her gun but there is a choice for all of the actors so if alaric has he,s ring on it so could be are alive or should i said back from the death to alaric i hope so

  10. and please do not blamming demon coz he is the one who can resolve all the ultimate problem impresivly so i won’t blame Demon coz he the one who protect the humanity and alaric how many deaths do he have for part of Damon and the other vampire and now this for part of this girl i said for part of he,s ring is alive i think coz alaric have to many deaths lol its like a video game for him Alaric so i don’t think is death well in my point of view i think and i think its not death its alive for part of he,s ring i hope so

  11. i think that Alaric is not dead maybe it is just a nightmare i don’t think that sexy psycho doctor do that ?!and why Elena still have that cell phone (i897)that Stefan toss out from car’s window . and i think all Damon plans always work he always find a way ,he is smart … i don’t think that Stefan be like the old stefan but maybe close to that… and I LOVE KLAROLINE scene klaus is great ?! he is lovely … i really hope that caroline make friend with him he deserve this…

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