Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.15 – All My Children – Extended Preview and Clip

The CW has released the extended preview and preview clip from next week’s episode “All My Children”. Site is finally back up! Sorry for the delay, I’ve had some server issues, that may possibly lead to upgrading the server with more memory.


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. oh OH Is Stefan back to the vegetarian diet?! That lingering look was quite something. That switch is so officially back on!!! :D But oh I loooved that discussion between brothers, I think Damon finally got the big picture with Stefan; he seriously think that Elena is better off without them; and I won’t argue with him on that one.

    And Elena will yet again be painted as the damsel in distress and the one who messes up the plan and OH Bonnie is back to square one on Witch duties. So we get a chance of Abby dying in that episode?! I hope not, I love Persia White.

    On a side note, Ruthie, don’t feel bad about anything, you are already doing an amazing job!

  2. seroiusely Elena ………….. dam if you do and dam if you don’t ………..move out of town for a while …..have her go
    like Jeremy for at least a few episodes….no one needs a break as badly as she does….I would love to see what all the brothers will do if she is suddenly gone ….. no one to save, no one to torment , no one to love, no one to hate,……how boring ……..and maybe they can all clean up their act stop pissing in each other and move on!!!!!!!!
    oh ya then there would be not show…..yikes …. I just hate how everyone is using this poor woman for all their games…………. that alone would age someone a thousand years……..just wait till mama finds out what she has been up to and the worse of all evils will be unleashed brrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

  3. Sounds like we need to start an petition for some feminism on TVD and let Elena Buffy-up a bit and save the day every now and then. This is why I wish they had used the school setting more because then life could occassionally be the bad guy and give the powerless human a fighting chance.

    Maybe Elijah isn’t threatening Elena, maybe Kol and Becca took her and that dying in agony speech was Elijah’s “let’s be team” clincher? Then after the save, Elena can say forget you to the Salvatorres and side with Elijah for a time and let the brothers see what they have done. After all, they have caused her as much darkness as the Mikaelson’s have.

  4. @Melissa LOLOLOL Be careful what you wish for… Elena buffy-up, sounds to me like a vampire OR an angel… :p

    Lynn Elena was absent from the book for a while and Bonnie took over. Drama was still going. Though, I do admit that without Elena to protect, it would be easier for them to fight against the Original family. But anyway, I’m sure that would find the next best thing to attack; Alaric, Caroline or Bonnie. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Caroline being the next target.

  5. I have never read the books and watched the first 2 season on netflix. I LOVE this show and I’m not into vampires lol. So I never read the books but I feel The Original Family seems is more interesting than anyone,sorry dont be mad :-). I actually feel bad for the whole family situation considering it was their mom who did the first spell and they were just kids. I wished they hadn’t killed the father off he is such a great actor Love SRoach.Ilike Elena but sometimes its alil too much I like the actress though she seems sweet off camera. I live Damon-KLAUS so sexy -and Elijah.Thanks for the spoilers and clips I love the site.

  6. Ho ho ho ho ho ok i think this means war if Rebbeka burn Ellena alive coz of her Rebbecca Jelousie and for that part this means war for part of her Friends and Fans

  7. m afraid that each of some actors won,t speach clearly just with a b and l just like this blblbblblblblbbblbl like Demon and Stepan and some of those more like them are not speaching well like use to so is totaly hopeless to not understand them well with theyre mouth closed when they speacking with theyre mouth closed so badly

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