Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.14 – Dangerous Liaisons – Producer’s Preview

The CW has released a producer’s preview for tomorrow night’s episode “Dangerous Liaisons”. A couple of new clips from the episode included!


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  1. I didn’t see Matt either, Marie.

    I suspect after seeing this that the “she” Damon said tried to kill Elena once already is Rebecca, because it looked like Klais was threatening her with a dagger right before Kol started in in him.

    Poor Damon, Elena took Stefan’s arm, but then he did offer it first.

  2. @Melissa True, but Matt is on the group picture though. About Stefan/Elena/Damon, we already know how it’s going to end LOL She will take Stefan’ side, Damon will be angry and do something stupid, which will make him lose points again… Same dance different situation! ;)

  3. did anyone notice how Elena placed her arm under Stefan’s vs her placement under Damon’s arm?????huge statement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Khol is deliciouse…..sarcasim I mean really Klaus and his dagger placement is getting a little boring………….

  4. ive been waiting for this episode for weeks…finally..ill be able 2 watch it tomorrow…and its Klaus and Rebekah lol

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