Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.12 – The Ties That Bind – Extended Preview & VERY Spoilery Canadian Preview

Once again, thanks to MiI2aCIe we have the extended preview for next week’s episode 3.12 “The Ties That Bind”. You can view a VERY spoilery version from THIS Canadian Preview. Thanks to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up on these!


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  1. Okay, I know it’s Dr Fell behind Damon, but did she pulled at Damon’s ear or was that me hallucinating?! LoL

  2. How come Canada gets a better trailer? And those yummy chocolate bars?

    Anywho I think Bonnie deserves some time locked up after how mean she was to Elena! And what is up with the TVD version of meredith?!

  3. no need for language people……Bonnies mother has a plan now that her daughter found her ….she knew that one day she would be looking and find????+ ok more importantly is this… what the hell is going on with the bridge scene all of a sudden what goes on with the water the past deaths the parents and Elena possible dying Dr. Fell etc………..any takers on what is up with that……who did really kill Elena’s parents it was not a fluke that they drove into the water someone led them to this and Elena was saved but she was suppose to die with them……because the lineage of dobbleganger had to stop there so that the Klaus’s plan would never
    have succeded………I think that witches had something to do with all this stuff they are the ones so opposed of Klause what do you think any one

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