Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.10 – The New Deal – Preview

Well that’s it…The Vampire Diaries is officially going on a 7 week hiatus until January 5th 2012.  Until then, check out the preview for the next episode! Thanks to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up and as always, MiI2aCIe for posting!

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  1. OMG!!! Klaus will get revenge on everybody in Stefan’s circle. So that means that know one is safe from Klaus!!!

  2. Klaus on a revenge spree… I couldn’t have asked better! :D Ripper Stefan vs Klaus… yep they got the right word there “EPIC”

  3. i’m so confused stefan apparently has his emotions back on so why would he risk everything just to get revenge? and why would klaus go after all of stefans people if he knows he won’t get his family back if he does?

  4. ohh and why can’t he just go back to elena and damon? i’m so confused right now… D:

  5. Poor Stefan he has once again saved Damons life. Meanwhile, Elena hanging out with Damon. Wonder why Alaric is screaming for Jeremy? I mean he has a special ring.

  6. omg tonight’s episode was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    first off, rebekah and elena.. i thought that moment they had was done perfectly!! i totally didnt see that coming. i thought elena was going to hug her but then BAM she stabs her! that was soo awesome!!

    and then poor michael is dead!! WTF!! i didnt want him to die so soon.

    and i kinda had a feeling that it was katherine the whole time at the party and not elena. did anybody else sense that too??

    ok so if someone could clarify..stefan basically saved damon’s life again because if klaus died, everyone that has klaus’s blood would die too right>?>?? is that how it is??

    this episode was the best out of this whole season!!!!

  7. no, stefan saved damons life, because if klaus died, his hybrids were ordered to kill damon. so stefan had to stop damon from killing klaus

  8. And I have to wait 7 weeks to know what is going to happen? Seven freaking weeks?! There is no justice in this world ): But I’ll have to endure it, because this season is gettin’ better and better! (: I’m kind of confused … Jeremy is standing right in front of a truck, but he doesn’t seem scared or anything; and since the ring will only bring him back if he is killed by a supernatural, what in the name of everything that is good is going to happen?! Ohh, 7 weeks without Ian ): that is going to be something …
    But tonight’s episode was great (: Love <3 The Vampire Diaries!

  9. Looks so freakin amazing, can’t wait!! Also Marthita, my guess is that Jeremy was either compelled or forced somehow to stand in front of the car. Also, his ring will only bring him back if he is killed by something supernatural. Being killed in a car accident won’t bring him back.

  10. How much longer till Stefan and Elena get back together? cause i’m suffering Stelena withdrawel, and Stefan has his emotions now

  11. Not for long owr Dear Jess Coz in your case Stefan is Back in the reality so where are going to celebrated coz sooner is going to be back for Elena so don’t worries hehehehehehe wuw EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! WWWWWWuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhUUUUUUUWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  12. Sarah, Klaus freed Stefan from having to do what he said, he did not compel him to turn his feelings on. In the car, Stefan told Katherine he was refusing to feel, even though he is now free to, because he didn’t want to feel the guilt of everything he did while with Klaus. I suspect, Stefan does not want to face Elena after biting her etc, so he ran. I do not think he considered going after Klaus’ family as a danger to his own people becaue he has leverage to keep them safe. Of course we know from the promo that it won’t work, but Stefan doesn’t…lol…. I can not wait to see more Delena and Stefan’s eventual reaction to it.

  13. What confuses me is why they have started the last few episodes showing the clip where Klaus says only Stefan’s love for Elena is stronger than his bloodlust and how Stefan resisted compulsion for a bit thanks to that love, only to show in all those eps that his love for Elena isn’t saving him, it’s his love for Damon that keeps getting through to him. And why did they put that scene in ever if it was all going to be about the brotherly bond?

  14. I think, that although Stefan does love Elena more than almost anything in the world, it is his love for Damon, and the guilt he feels for being the one responsible for making Damon into a vampire that is stronger than anything else. When all is said and done, Stefan has loved Elena for a year or so, put that up against, what is it? 150 years spent feeling guilt and love for his brother. Family is a tough bond to break, especially when its being threatened. At the beginning you dont think Klaus cares about his family, but apart from his mother and father, who turned their backs on him, his brothers and sisters are the only people in the world who might, as Michael said, be willing to stay with him, and he obviously, despite what we thought from the start, does care about them. Personally though, in a Stefen Vs Damon match, for me Damon wins hands down, because at the end of the day, Damon has never claimed to be anything but what he is, and his feelings for Elena came over time, and in my mind, its seperate from how he felt about Katherine, when im not convinced that Stefans feelings have truly been seperate, as he denied for so long that he was actually in love with her. Delena all the way for me, let Katherine have Stefan! :P

  15. Natalie, I agree with everything you said. I’m not questioning why love for Damon trumps love for Elena with Stefan, I’m just questioning why they can’t seem to advertise this show right :) For 2 years they sold it as a triangle, when there really wasn’t one. Now they are selling it as Stefan’s big love for Elena, when it’s about his big love for his brother. Stop reminding me every week that he loves her so much when I’m about to see a show where he doesn’t want her and only cares about his brother, all I’m saying. I was really disappointed that last season they ignored the emotional impact Katherine could have had on Stelena, they should have explored if Stefan loved “the face” or the woman behind it. They dealt a little with it with Damon at the end, but it really could have and should have caused angst for Stelena that would have kept them from getting stale. In the books they did have Stefan be confused and come to realize Katherine was not for him. On the show it’s like he forgot he ever loved her, when they started out hinting that mourning her fake death was something he almost couldn’t get over.

  16. So…was it just me or did Michael’s death seem reaaallly anticlimactic? I mean, they really set up Michael to be this bad dude. He hunts vampires. Both Anna and Rebekkah warned that if they woke him up he would kill everyone, they would All be dead. In reality He was just a guy who was pissed off that the illegitimate child of some other man killed his wife. He just died. It wasn’t even a challenge.

    I think Klaus has some major issues…but he (much like Damon in season one) has reasons behind them that he feels justify his actions. Klaus is an interesting villain because he is merciless and has zero tolerance and is incredibly intelligent…but when it comes right down to it, he is just a hurt little hybrid with seriously damaged emotions. He needs some serious therapy ;)

    Stefan was stupid to try and get revenge on Klaus by taking his family. He just barely saved Damon’s life by stopping him from killing Klaus and now he is endangering him (and Everyone else) by pulling this little family-snatching stunt. Stupid Stefan, stupid.

    Can’t wait until Jan 5th!!!!!

  17. The Michael thing seemed anticlimactic to me too. I thought he would be the bad guy for the last half and Klaus would have to play for the home team to stop Michael. I think the point of Michael may have been to prove vampires can learn to feed off vampires son that someone who is too weak on animal blood, but who cannot handle human blood…cough, Stefan, cough cough, could do the same thing.

  18. oh come on! stefans dumb. he should be dead already! so that delena can happen!
    Stef suck, sorry.

  19. Ok So i love this show ok and every episode I ahve wanted stafan and elana to be together for ever and I dont like damon being with her he should respect his brother so does any one know whats going to happen in the next episode and does any one know why they went on a 7 week break>> So comment please

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