Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.10 – The New Deal – Extended Preview

Here’s the extended preview for Episode 3.10 “The New Deal” set to air January 5th, when the show returns from a mid-season hiatus.


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  1. i predict for the 10 th episode that bonnie is again in the house of the 1000 witches and she is asking for help against klaus or to rescue jeremy…then stefan shows up and tries to kill bonnie and damon comes for the rescue and beats stefan…it is just my impression…

  2. i dont know maybe she is planning something that stefan doesn’t want or stefan is just there and damon and him are starting a fight….

  3. O MY GOD IT WAS EPIC!!!I thought that Elena and Damon might kiss this time… but no they would have given a better reason for it…it’s not like them to leave loose ends although they didn’t explain how did Rebecha got in the salvatore house which is Elena’s now so Rebecha shouldn’t be able to enter the house unless she was invited in…
    Stefan is about to start feeling again eventually…but in my oppinion they shouldn’t be together again,Stefan and Elena, cause it’s not gonna be the same.Their relationship has made its cycle and after all Stefan should be more willing to start feeling again because of Elena than because of Damon he should love her more!And Elena ofcourse should love her more so as not to start crying when she was about to become a vampire and spend the rest of her life with him…I mean since he is a vampire there is no other way to stay with him forever.Damon is such a better option for elena he is more stable when it comes to blood and smarter and dashing and gorgeous and hot and kind and adorable….I just hope they end up together he deserves to be happy<3

  4. This episode will be epic indeed, I cannot wait. I think Stefan tells elena that she should move out of town because it is not safe and I think she refuses because she doesn’t want her loved ones to be endangered. I think Stefan and Damon will begin to fight because Stefan hasnt told Damon about the situation ” if Klaus dies, so does Damon”, therefore Damon doesnt understand. And I think Bonnie might try to get rid of the spell having to do with the hybrids, from Elena’s blood and Klaus compulsion or might try to get rid of Klaus but Stefan injures her in the process. In the incident involving Jeremy, I think he wont get hit for some apparent reason because the spirits will save her or do some supernatural thing. And I think Tyler will be severely punished in this episode as he might try to stop Elena and etc from following through with their plans. In the ending I think Katherine humanity might turn on her and she’ll even save the day. It was sad that Micheal had to die though, I really want Klaus gone.. but I guess the show has to continue with him.. WHATS YOUR OPINIONS ON WHAT MIGHT HAPPENED IN THE NEXT EPISODE SOON RETURNING JAN. 5 ????

  5. Wow, I think that Bonnie and Stefan will be working together to get rid of Klaus. Damon will fight Stefan because, well just because he is mad at Stefan for something. Feel bad for Stefan he is literally giving up his life and his love for two people who really don’t love him. I say this because when your in love with someone you take the good with the bad. Have to admit I’m kind of shocked at how Elena just said to Damon, we’ll just let Stefan go. So much for epic love story.

  6. yeah, I can’t believe she said they’d let Stefan go!!!! She has to be with them. I think they will get back together sometime this season.

  7. I don’t think Bonnie will get any more help from the witches. Sheila warned her to stay out of Klaus and The Originals stuff. My guess is that she will be possessed or helped by the Original Witch.

    I find it beautiful thought that Stefan will probably do anything to prevent Klaus from dying because of his last order to kill Damon if he dies. It’s going to get more complicated… Since Bonnie’s mother is coming to town next year… I think we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Witch part!! I’m just glad that the focus of the series is shifting to Stefan/Damon and not just Stefan/Elena/Damon. We’ve seen less of the love triangle drama over the last episodes and it is VERY refreshing! :D

  8. As far as Damon and Elena know, Stefan picked saving Klaus over helping them. They don’t know why he did it, to them it was a betrayal and Stefan ran to leave them to face the fallout. They can’t chase after him in the hopes he will be good, they have to spend their time preparing to face Klaus. To me the first time Elena said they had to let Stefan go, I took it as let him run away, because they don’t have the time to go after him now. When she repeated it, I head that as Elena telling herself she had to get over him, he was never coming back the way he was. She told Stefan feel or she was moving on, as anhuman she does not have decades to put her lifenonhold hoping he will decide to feel and love her. You have to look at Stefan as a junkie who refuses to go to treatment. Their friends and family can either spend their lives cleaning up vomit and hoping, or they can tough love the junkie to push them to get well by moving on. So long as Elena is there chasing after him, Stefan has nothing to worry about because he knows she is still there, but if she stops trying, he will feel her loss. She gave him an ultimatum, she has to stick to it or she loses no only the one power she has over him, but also herself respect. Who wants to chase a junkie that talks down to you, in your mind betrayed you to help himself and who says he will never feel for you what he did before? Now they have conflict, Stefan saved them, Delena will get together, Delena will have major guilt when they learn the truth, Stefan will be jealous…drama.

  9. Damon and Elena will get together now, but first in the end of this season. They have to go trough a lot together before…
    Melissa I agree with you, Stefan has told Elena to let him go because he can not be the same after he killed all those people, again, he needs a lot of time,it is just too much.
    The comment from Elena9595 of how Rebecca got into the house: After Elena died in the sacrifice every vampire can enter the house again. Katherine entered the house with the blood to Damon in the last episode, and has done it in this episode too.

  10. I meant season 2 episode 22, Katherine entered the house. That makes me wonder can`t they write a new contract so no vampire can enter the hause again? They are not safe in that hause from Klaus, and now he is getting really pissed. I gess that in next episode Alaric safes compelled Jeremy from the car, get hid himself and meet the new beutifull doctor in the hospital. And the man hunting Elena, Klaus is proberly making his point that he can make a lot of trouble to them if they dont give him his family back. Proberly thats why Damon and Stefan is fighting. Damon does not want Elena to get hurt, they know Klaus wont kill her but he can still hurt her. But Stefan wont give in now he does´nt let his humanity get in his way.

  11. Kis…My take on Jeremy and the car is that if Klaus compelled his hybrids to kill all Stefan’s friends, if Jeremy and Alaric die and come back because of their magic rings, the compulsion to kill them is gone since it technically has been done.

  12. this is going to be VERY FUCKING AMAZING untill 5 of January this is going to be a REBOLUTIONS GUYS WWWUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHUUUHUUUUUWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  13. january 5th seems like a million years away. delena fans have been patiently waiting 4 this love triangle to really take shape. finally being able 2 see what a true epic journey of love looks like. they haven’t carefully showed the evolution of delena 4 nothing i hope. it’s truely the only relationship the writers didn’t take 10 days 2 develope and there must be a reason why and it sure as hell is more than friendship. u don’t take 10 episodes 2 create a so called epic love and 3 seasons 2 develope something thats just friendship. doesn’t make sense 2 me anyway.

  14. The only person left who can get rid of klaus is the original witch (mommy)but this will be difficult for her …..he is her son and “blood” is thicker than water (pardon the pun)….Klaus’s humanity showed up in this last episode or tears would never have appeared while his father berated him..
    All he ever wanted was the love and approval from this man and never got it…so does it make him human???? Vampire diaries is all about family and regret and revenge…..Katherine’s family dying in the hands of Klaus …this made who who she has become….Stefan for the love of his brother became the ripper…..Damon for the love of Stefan became the cynicle and dangerouse vampire…Klaus Rebekah Elijah all for the love of family sticking together…Mikeal and Esther protecting their children from the wolves went against the balance of nature and produced vampires….Mason with Tyler….Grams with Bonnie not to mention Elena and her Jeremy…….this goes on and on in the show…….the bond of family any takes on this??

  15. hey! im a hudge fan of the vampire diaries, but maybe klaus has a plan to get elena stefan, damon all back for something evil lol i love all of your comments

  16. kis,what u said about the ability of vampires to enter the house must be right…is it metioned anywhere cause I couldn’t find it?…the one very irritating thing about the show(at least 4 me) is that they introduce a “bad” person and after a few episodes they get to show their sensitive side and eventually they become less and less scary and in the end u even start feeling safe when they apear!At first i was damon then isobelle then rose the kathrine then elija then klaus and rebecha then michael…I mean it is ridiculous at the end they all have their reasons and they all are kind at some point!I wonder who is gonna be now…the original witch maybe.

  17. I have read all of your hopeful predictions for the upcoming storylines for Season 3, so here is mine. I predict that Elena and Damon won’t last, it will end before it trully begins because Damon said it himself in Season 2 that he can’t be the man that Elena wants him to be. Please don’t forget that Damon is a supernatural born killer. This is who he is! He can’t stop his thirst for human blood. Eventually, he will give in to his impulses, and Elena will not be able to handle it. Stefan will magically get back to his old self, and the fair Elena will go running back into his arms. As for Bonnie, I think that having her mom come back into her life is going to rock her world. Some deep, dark family secret will be revealed, and Bonnie will not be able to deal with this revelation. So, the perpetually good witch will now turn evil, hence the start of the Bonnie/Damon relationship. Finally!!! Yes, for all the Bamon fans this is how their relationship can begin. So, to the writers, feel free to take my ideas and run with them, put your CW spin on it, I don’t care. But, you have to admit this is an interesting way to make the Bonnie/Damon relationship happen. Eventually, Bonnie will become good again, but at least for a little while, let Bonnie have some fun and be the bad girl for once. Let her be able to get a taste of Damon Salvatore!

  18. To the writers of the Vampire Diaries, I just had a fabulous idea! As a promotional stunt, I think you should have a writing contest. Interested fans could submit a one episode show treatment, and people could vote online for their favorite storyline. The winner gets to have his/her one episode storyline made into a script and have it shot and aired. No way would this episode impact the show’s overall story. This would be a one time thing. A sort of thank you to the fans by letting us write what we would like to see happen on the show. I think this is a really great idea! How about it?

  19. Gigi I have thought of the same thing…great minds think alike…I hope they read your suggestion….because I for one would love to give them some of my warped ideas lol

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