Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.08 – Ordinary People – Extended Preview

Here’s the extended preview courtesy of MiI2aCIe for next week’s episode “Ordinary People”. Tons more footage than from the shorter preview.


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  1. Is that Damon dancing on the bar or Tyler? Rebecca suddenly seemed to have a Scandanavian accent when she told Elena to shut up. It looks like Damon was letting Stefan out of the chair. Is Damon possessed or compelled maybe? Rebecca could do it to him.

  2. I completely agree!! Her accent did change for sure. Claire Holt is a stellar actress. It was definitely Damon dancing on the bar. I didn’t see the part where Damon was releasing Stefan, it’s hard to catch everything! lol

  3. I wonder of thats Rebecca with the orginal Petrova? Her hair was styled old fashioned as well. Looks like Stefan gets out but I didnt see Damon let him out. So fast..darn it..lol :)

  4. Can’t tell who is letting Stefan out of his chair? Looks like a very intriguing episode. I love learning about the Originals.

  5. if you freeze frame each scene you can see a little more …I think it’s Tyler releasing Stefan he is doing Klaus’s dirty deed now that Tyler has become a hybrid ….and I don’t believe the original Petrova is in this episode it looks like it’s Rebeka…….so the original Petrova will be Katherine/Elena right…would make sense seeing that they are dobblegangers

  6. All I could tell from the Stefan release scene was that a guy with dark hair was pulling off the chains. Then it flashed to a scene of Damon punching Stefan. Who is Damon dancing with on the bar? It’s blurry, but it could be Elena and Rebeka.

  7. i don’t know why… but… couldn’t be Michael releasing Stefan? o.O . just a thought

  8. i really couldn”t see who let stefan out of the chair. or who was dancing on the bar. went by so fast. i replayed the video twice but still couldn”t see much. so frustrating

  9. That’s definitely Damon letting Stefan out of the chair..at first thought it was Elena and Rebeka on the bar with Damon (wishful thinking) but now might just be some random..

  10. It looks like Damon in front og Stefan. But I thougt Damon was torturing Stefan cotinuing Lexis treatment…
    I looks like Damon and Elena dancing together on the bar, whauu cant wait for that :-)

  11. I think the blonde is Rebecca, but the brunette isn’t Elena. I paused it on my TV and the brunette’s hair isn’t long enough to be Nina’s and her legs are larger than Nina’s. Plus I don’t see Elena as the Daisy Dukes, cowboy boots type. They don’t dress her that way normally.

  12. I thought Damon was dancing with Bonnie. LOL
    I can’t wait for the Elijah flashbacks. Like true Damon style, he’s gonna help his brother the only way he knows how, by kicking his little bro’s ass.
    Where is Katherine?! I’d love for her to put Rebeckah in check, Mystic Falls already has a town biatch. he he

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