Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.03 – The End of the Affair – Preview

Here’s the preview for next week’s episode “The End of the Affair”. So what did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments! Thanks to YouTuber diariosvampiro for posting!


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  1. It was so awesome tonight! This show never disappoints. Loving bad boy/martyr Stefan but no one can ever replace Damon in my heart! Loving him and Elena and all that sexual tension……….so good!

  2. I enjoyed this episode very much. Though I will admit, I grew attached to Ray so quickly. Haha. I felt so much sympathy for Klaus as well. He’s a complicated villain.

  3. daddy dearest……so the homosexual dad has come out of the closet to help
    his little girl… how touching!!!! And now come on the word “dobbleganger” came up soooooo many times that…. gee…..it doesnt take a rocket science to figure out…the reason why all of Klaus’s “comrads”
    were dying out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Klaus finds out that his thousand year old curse has a little catch to the whole equation…he will be one pissed off dude…now the killing of the dobbleganger is going to be ???????Anyone anyone???????And the winner goes to ……….STEFAN…. WILL THEN ELENA FINALLY GIVE UP HER QUEST TO LOVE HIM??????? NOT!!!!!!!!!

  4. Excellent!! Who cares about two and a half men?? I can see that the rest of the originals may need to be awoken to tend to Klaus. Remember that Stefan has given his word to Elijah in the recent past and htis still holds today.

    Man, this is just great!! So many plot lines that can and will develop…I await every episode!!

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