Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.04 – Memory Lane – Extended Promo

Here’s the extended preview for “Memory Lane”. It’s going to be an awesome episode! Thanks to Youtuber narekloryan11 for uploading!

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  1. Is Damon kissing Elena or Katherine ?? She seems to be Elena because of her hair, no ?
    If anyone know tell meeeee :)
    Can’t wait to see this episode, it’s gonna be really awesome !

  2. WHY IS DAMON KISSING ELANA? I am so excited that Katherine is back, this episode is going to be amazing. Kevin and Julie really kept it to the books with Katherine coming back for Stefan, they just completely left Damon out of this love triangle. I love flash back episodes

  3. It does look like Elena but I’m sure it is Katherine playing at being Elena like in The Return.

  4. i’m confused.. the last episode elena said she wanted nothing to do with him, soooo why is she smiling while he’s kissing her? lol or is that katherine?

  5. i really think that that actually might be elena*confused*
    i also think that stefan’s “drastic measures” with kathrine is him saying he want’s to be with her.
    can’ wait for another falshback falls!! the next episode cannot come soon enough!!

  6. My theory, Elena is plaing pool, Damon comes from behind, and is so close and stuff, and she thinks it’s Stefan, because she didn’t look behind;)
    We’re not confused, Elena is;)

  7. i think that katherine threats to kill elena (because sfefan is with her) and to protect her sfefan and damon work together and they want to fool katherine by making her think that elena and damon are also together.

    it will be an interesting episode with katherine back and the flashbacks.

  8. Hm this is confusing (the whole Damon kissing Elena/Katherine on the cheek)

    On the one hand, it looks like Elena because she has straight hair. But Elena wouldn’t be smiling about being kissed by Damon because she’s pissed at Damon, and honestly I don’t think Damon would kiss her so casually when they’re on the outs like this.

    On the other hand, Damon doesn’t seem like he would kiss Katherine after she rejected him like that. Damon isn’t the type who, when he gets hurt, comes back for more. He’s very into the self-preservation, what’s best for me stuff… And I don’t think Katherine would be playing pool…doesn’t she have more important things to do like kill people or seduce Stefan or something?

    I kinda agree with bo about maybe Elena being the one who’s confused… But I like Sabrina’s theory too. I can’t wait to find out! :)

  9. its not elena. if you look carefully “elena” is wearing a purple shirt. and who is wearing a purple shirt in this episode??? KATHlERINE is!!! if you’ve seen the stills you’d see i’m right. and in those stills you see that in this episode Elena is wearing a blue shirt. Maybe the show forgot to curl katherine’s hair or something? or maybe Damon is imaginging its elena. :D

  10. well, maybe it´s however Katherine. Because when she showed up, she wore exactly the same clothes as Elena. Even the chain!
    so it might be possible that Elena wears this purple shirt in the beginning of the episode and later Katherine just copies her style.
    There are so much possibilities!! It´s so exciting.
    And because of the theory with the episode stills: Yes, it´s true, that Katherine wears the purple shirt, but she has curled hair. But the pic where Damon is kissing Elena/Katherine on the cheek, shows Nina Dobrev without curls. So maybe it´s Elena or Katherine really fooled Damon.
    But I like the theory of Elena being fooled! That would be kinda funny! :)

  11. is it an act to fool Katherine? Sounds a bit much, but a dream or daydream is also a possibility. LOve Damon and elena scenes though, even if their fighting the lines and the chemistrry is great. :)

  12. WOW!!! is the word, this is both exciting and confusng, guess we will just have to waite till Thursday night t find out..

  13. The more I watch this promo, the more convinced I am that that IS Elena hebis kissing. The question becomes, not who, but why! :lol:

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