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  1. Awwwww, my Stefan : ((

    Buy yay because I get to see Elena finally worried about him.

    And I love Stefan in bad a** mode. I hope we see some of that and he’s not tortured the whole episode.

  2. awww im lovin the whole damon saving/helping out his lil bro its so cute

  3. damn it. ican’twatch stefan SUFFER! damon will save him and elena too!!!!!!

  4. Woah man this is sooo cool, damon gettin beaten up badly for the first time, i cant wait to see this omfg! :O

  5. ep; 17.. is gonna ROCK!!!! hopefully this is when we will get to see the “othere” side of Stefan… time to let his “VAMP” out…

  6. Ok, am i the ony one that noticed? Apparently i am! That guys whos torturing him got staked in the last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By pearl!!!! How the HELL is he alive?!

  7. Frederick was staked in the stomach with a wooden spoon, not in the heart. Pearl’s intention was to warn Frederick not to screw up again or else.

  8. Can’t Wait, I can’t wait to see how Elena will react to Stefan being in trouble instead of her for a change! & I’m happy to see Damon helping out! : ) Paul Wesley♥

  9. Me either Ela!!!! I totally had to go to Google translator to find out what you had said, but yes, i cant wait either.

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