Vampire Diaries – Episode 16 – There Goes the Neighborhood – Promo

Wow….what a crazy episode!! Here’s the trailer/promo for “There Goes the Neighborhood”! Thanks to KSiteTV!


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  1. Great Episode! At the end of the episode when Alaric was laying there saying that he was still alive because the ring protected him.. what do you think Stefan was so shocked about? The fact that Elanas birth mother is still “alive”? That she is a vampire? or that she is related to Katherine or that Elana is really related to Katherine? Or something more???

  2. Hey Amanda! I think he was shocked that Alaric was alive and that the ring that his wife gave him protected him. Something about that ring healed him, because he was stabbed in the lung by Damon, and he died, but came back.

  3. Hi everybody, wow, the ring has to be part of the Katherine/Emily link. I also think that John Gilbert is going to be the father of Elena. The younger brother, very much into his family heritage as vampire hunters – sleeping with a a girl with a family lineage of “Pierce” – (family skeleton). I could be so far off, but my imagination is running…

  4. Hey everyone! I think Stephan was shocked just because he feels the ring has a connection to how he got his ring. I think Elena is going to get kidnapped by Katherine and katherine is going to replace Elena and they going to figure it out by her attitude and her laugh!!!!!!!! Lol sorry I’m just running on.

  5. No, Isabel, i totally agree. I think the title for “let the right one ine” has to do with Katherine comng back and them having to be careful so that the dont mistake Elena for Katherine and vis versa

  6. Ooh, I really like the theory behind the Let the Right one in title. Very interesting. I am really interested in know why Isobel wants to avoid Elena. Is she protecting her or does she really not want her?

  7. April: My friend and i have a theory about that. We think for some reason Isobel is trying to leave her human life behind. Like, maybe she’s even trying to kill Elena. Think about it; Isobel could have made Elena’s parents’ car c=go off the road. She would have never counted on Stefan trying to SAVE her! And then, that would be the end of her human life. Besides that one woman that was in the last episode (her friend) that was serving vervain and not invitng ELena in. Also, in the “let the right one in” snyopsis, it says “When Stefan and Damon make a dangerous new enemy, Stefan suddenly finds himself in a perilous situation. Damon and Elena try to convince Alaric to work with them to help Stefan. Matt is hopeful that his mom, Kelly, may be back to stay. After her car breaks down in a storm, Caroline makes a horrific discovery that shocks everyone in town.” and btw i bet that discovery is Vicki’s body. it’d be perfect timing. Right as her mom is trying to leave town. And that (isobel)could very well be why they need Alaric’s help. she’s probably going to tortue Stefan and make sure he and Elena leave her alone. COOLNESS! Or maybe its katherine and shes going to torture him like she did in the boooks. and im almost absolutley agreeing with thtefact that the ring has got to be part of the Katherine/emily thing.

  8. Amanda: I really dont know about that, considering who Isobel was (a Peirce family descendant, and then later a vampire) and who the gilberts are (vampire hunters). so, i mean, its very unlikely, but it would be a nice twist; nearly nobody would be looking at her uncle as being her… dad. Plus, i think we MUST remember how old Isobel was when she had her child (elena). She was sixteen and in high school. So… i wonder…who the hell could it be.

  9. He just had to, he couldn’t not say it.
    Doesn’t Stefan know that saying that something is fun in a vampire show means that someone will get seriously hurt before the episode ends.

  10. Hey! I would REALLY like to know the name of the song playing in the background. I’ve been searching everywhere, and no luck.Thank you so much.

  11. SARINA: I don’t have any idea. But, Damon seems to think that she was sent to him by Katherine and that is was destiny that brought them together. The real reason and her real relationship to Katherine remains to be seen.

  12. I’m sorry, maybe I should’ve been more specific with the previous question I asked. I wanted to know what the song was playing in the background of the trailer for “There Goes The Neighborhood.” Thank you!

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