Vampire Diaries Celebrates 100th Episode: Cast Interviews via The TV Addict

Thanks to The TV Addict, we have many interviews with the cast (old & new) of The Vampire Diaries on the red carpet of their 100th Episode celebration that took place Saturday, November 9th in Atlanta, GA. Check out Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, then head on over to The TV Addict’s YouTube for the rest of the video interviews with more cast!

Paul Wesley

Nina Dobrev

Ian Somerhalder

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  1. Thats so cute that they all picked Alaric!!! I wish they would bring him back already!
    … but why did nobody mention Aunt Jenna?!? They haven’t mentioned her in ages on the show either.

  2. Wel that is a cutie Rezon for why they pick the hell up Alaric because is totally a friendly guy handsum guy for my point of view and a totally a gentlemen and the greatest actor we and they ever known as an actors so there you go

  3. Ok well i have to apologise because all this inteview is not so good first i seen the interview of stepen of so many hard noises and the voice of stepen doesn’t heard him so much at all and there are so many people talking and i didn’t heard so much Paul Wesley so there so many noises and harder noises speaching out there then inside on the poor interview of each Character so i didn’t heard what they are saiyng so my apologise

  4. Ok well i see that in the spisode of the Originals Marcel (the vampire) is the hero of the Witches because he and he,s friend save the Wiches and i think Marcel deserves to leave more thenk that from my point of view in the episode of Sinners and Saints and Klause is the good Charming good deffender as a good guy the vamp Were

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