1. i hate to say this tvd is getting more mysterious but not as interesting as i would expect.
    neway,i still love watching tvd!!

  2. The vampire diaries surpasses our expectations, the show is fantastic. It’s exciting, nail biting the cast are all hot, the acting is great(believable), the scenery is outstanding and the special affects are great. You cannot miss a scene for a second because it is that exciting. We are looking forward to next weeks show. Stefan and Elena belong together they are a perfect couple. Damon, well he’s great at being the crazy one, though it would be nice to see him kick butt. The last couple of episodes he’s been beaten up pretty bad. Nina is so good as elena that when she’s being katherine we believe it’s not the same person. What we mean is Elena should be with stefan and crazy katherine with crazy damon. We love this show.

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