The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.17 “Rescue Me” Extended Preview

The CW has released the extended preview for next week’s episode “Rescue Me”. Soooo…we have another Stefan Doppelganger. I’m actually excited about this! I love watching Paul Wesley challenge himself with new roles!


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  1. between The Tomorrow People
    And Vampire diaries is going to be very through and i mean very through god knows what happend next

  2. Can someone explain to me what happened to Silas? Did what’s-her-face kill him when she drank from him?

  3. He died…Stefan killed him in Death and the Maiden. And Amara felt him cross over, she was still the anchor. And then Amara killed herself.

  4. Poor Damon & Elena their both oh so confused! :) Now this new human dopplegänger story line has got me absolutely HOOKED! Iam intrigued to say the least. I know Stefan will fight her its in his nature he doesn’t want to help make it easier to kill an innocent human being. I know he is obligated to …now that they helped save Damon & Elena but I’m thinking he wont make it easy for them:) I like how they made him an EMT in of all places Atlanta Georgia where Katherine Pierce was supposably from. Lol. I do Thnk they could’ve shown more scenes into the whole curing Elena part. They didn’t even show her drink the antidote I thought that was a rip! I know they’re only allowed so much time but wen it came back from commercial & they were just chilling in the Salvatore estate I was like wat tha? I had a feeling Liv wasn’t who she said she was. I mean come on she just so happened to sit rite next to an X witch & X newbie vampire in class & practice magic rite in front of them along with the entire class? That’s a risk even an amateur wouldn’t take?! Iam very excited to see where the writers take this between the travelers, dopplegängers, & now new witch enemy I can’t wait!

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