NEW TVD Season 6 Finale Preview “I’ll Be Thinking of You All the While”

The CW has released another preview for next week’s final episode of the season. Everyone prepares to say goodbye to Elena Gilbert.


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  1. Okay, I get Elena is a main character but we all know Nina is leaving the show. I just want to know if Jo is dead or not!! Love me some Jolaric!

  2. @Chelsea
    Something tells me she is bc that way if both Joe & Elena die that gives Ric & Damon both an excuse to go be badasses together stirring up sh** all over the neighborhood. :) but then again I dnt Thnk she’s really dead I Thnk maybe Kai just killed her babies bc he wanted to make her suffer & she passed out from the pain and…how is she gonna suffer like kai wants her too if she’s dead resting in peace ya kno? Anyways it would take focus off of Elena’s exit if @Julieplec killed off Joe at the same exact time on the sane exact episode so if she is really dead that’s sort of rude + disrespectful to @NinaDobrevs memory in a way.

  3. “Yes iam prepared to live the next 69 yrs without you!”-Damon
    Why is it always 60 years?¿ LOL! He is immortal after all what is he gonna kill his self or die off in 60 years? Or is he supposed to morn her for her entire lifespan then move on.;) plus that’s only 78 yrs old.
    **Nah I’m just kidding around making fun!**

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