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Michael Malarkey made the news circuit rounds recently, and we’ve got interviews for you guys from TV Fanatic, THR and TV Guide. We’ll add more as they come in. Check out what Michael had to share about his thoughts on social media, the fans and what’s come on tonight’s episode “What Lies Beneath”.

Via TV Fanatic:

TVFanatic: How has the ride been for you since joining the show both from the social media side and also what you’ve been able to do with Enzo?

Michael Malarkey: It’s been phenomenal actually. I was never actually on Twitter before joining Vampire Diaries. I was kind of nudged to do so. I think I’ve taken to it pretty well. I kind of post my thoughts and tweet about the show and I play music as well so I kind of put up some songs and things like that. Everyone has responded pretty positively and I’ve gotten a lot of love from fans.

And also, just on the show itself, with the cast, and the producers, and the directors, Julie, and everybody, they’ve been extremely supportive and lovely. It’s just like one big family, and I couldn’t be happier working on a show where there’s that kind of warmth.

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Via THR:

How does Enzo go about making his presence known, as you’ve said?

It’s all based in the fact that the Other Side is falling apart in a sense. Little things are starting to happen that are peculiar and things that are quite creepy. Enzo quickly starts to figure some of these things out (Changes to thicker accent.) because he’s quick like that isn’t he? You’ll begin to see some of these things happening. It’s quite creepy and quite fantastical.

Is there a chance we’ll see him aligning with people from the Other Side?

Enzo is going to do whatever he can to get what he wants, whether that includes finding like-minded people or plowing ahead like a bulldozer. You may see certain people cropping up that he might link up with briefly but for the most part, he’s in it for himself and is trying to get what he wants.

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Via TV Guide:

“Now that he’s flipped his switch, he has no ties holding [him] to caring about any of these people,” Malarkey tells TVGuide.com. “He’s a time bomb waiting to explode. He’s feeling rather anarchist, so anybody who’s in his way — off with their head. Yes, he’s got this vendetta with Damon and Stefan, but at the same time, if anybody gets in his way and stops him from getting what he wants, he’s going to be remorseless. So that’s dangerous.”

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Via Zap2It:

Zap2it: Enzo has become a fan-favorite character in such a short amount of time. What has it been like joining the “TVD” family to such a positive reception?

Michael Malarkey: It’s been an amazing journey. I started off by auditioning for this creepy little vampire and who knew where it was going to end up? I have never felt so welcome on a set than I do with these people. It’s been an absolute joy.

The fans welcomed you with opens arms too, which was really apparent after last week’s episode. Even though Enzo died, people weren’t ready to let go of this character.

Oh man, I was really overwhelmed by all the lovely comments. I’m a big ol’ softie at heart. I’m not actually a murderous vampire. So getting all those comments and flood of tears [laughs], it was all quite heartwarming. I am so appreciative of all that support. The fans are what make our show the juggernaut that it is today. Without them, this would be a very different operation.

You’re clearly sticking around “TVD” as a ghost now, but were you ever worried that Enzo’s death meant that was it for you on the show?

Yeah, of course! Especially since I’ve been enjoying the character so immensely and I felt like he was just starting to warm up. I would have felt rather sad to have to say goodbye to him because he’s so fun to play. And then there’s the aspect of well, now you’re dead, you’re unemployed, you’re back on the job market. But mostly, I don’t want to say goodbye to one of the more fun characters that I’ve had the opportunity to play.

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Via Access Hollywood:

Access: I love it. So… last week’s episode your character flipped the switch. Why do you think he couldn’t handle any more betrayals or pain, or reveals? He’d really reached his limit.

Michael: It’s pretty complicated. This character has been imprisoned and tortured for the better part of 70 years and he had certain things that he fixated upon while he was in there and one of them was Damon and his friendship with him and that betrayal he felt, and then finding that friendship again, working through it only to have it taken from him with another betrayal, was part of what was too much to bear, but also that sense of hope that he had about Maggie, which was somebody who he loved, or at least convinced himself that he loved. She was another fixation that he focused upon, and I think when people spend their time in isolation like that, not that I know too much, but they tend to fixate and obsess about certain things and so these obsessions all came to a head in last week’s episode and completely fell apart and so his entire world and what he viewed as what he had, his own sense of self, seemed to be falling away and it just became too much for him to deal with, if that makes sense.

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Via EW:

The only good news to come out of Enzo’s little trip to supernatural purgatory is that it means viewers will get the chance to see a few familiar faces. “I can’t tell you who or what, [but] he will run into some people, some interesting folk, some that you may have seen before, and eventually try to get the hell out of there, I reckon,” Malarkey said.

Will he succeed in escaping? Well, we’re not sure. But he will be back in next week’s episode. “He’s going to be part of the lead up to the finale, which is incredible, by the way. When I first read it, I was gobsmacked by how it played out and you’re going to get a lot of surprises, a few deaths, and some heavy drama going on. And it leaves it in a great place for season 6, so people will be itching to get back into the world and see what’s going to happen to these characters.”

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Via Just Jared Jr:

JJJ: Definitely. Fans love yours and Ian’s on-screen chemistry. Did you guys click instantly?

MM: It was pretty instant. Ian and I have a similar energy. Although, he’s slightly different in that he’s far more charismatic than me, darling. But we have a great rapport and relationship. And immediately from that first episode, we were having laughs with each other on set and I felt completely relaxed, and able to work opposite him. He cares so much about the work and the show. The fact that I brought a lot to the table, I think they saw that I cared a lot for the work as well, and that made for a good partnership.

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Via Yahoo TV:

This next episode seems almost horror-like. What can you tell us about it?

You’ll really enjoy it. You’ll see some things you haven’t quite seen before, as far as a character being able to make himself known to people who can’t see ghosts. And it’s in a very violent, menacing, creepy manner. That’s going to be “fun.” It’s a fantastic episode, directed by Josh Butler, who’s lovely to work with, and written by Elizabeth Finch. I adore this team of writers and directors, they’re all fantastic.

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