Clevver TV: Claire Holt Says Rebekah is a Catalyst For Change Coming to TVD!

Great interview from Clevver TV with Claire Holt. She chats about Rebekah bringing change to the future of the show and who should Elena choose?

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  1. Can I get a high five for being right about Elena’s fate and how she got to it? Called who sent her to her demise, how she got the blood and how Damon would learn she “died”.  

    My burning question is, given how TVD plays with time, do we think Stefan was there waiting for Elena to wake a vampire?  Or, do we think Stef didn’t see Meredith on his way in and was there mourning Elena so that she woke up alone?  Nice twist if this time when she needed someone if it was Damon because Stefan left town to grieve.

    Figured she’d pick Stefan, but by her turning, she will now remember meeting Damon first.  So they kept the triangle in tact since Elena will now know she once wanted to be fun as compulsion breaks when you turn.  

    Was shocked when Klaus was staked, yawned when they put him Tyler.  They got rid of an actor I liked and kept a character that was soooo over.  No more Klaus in any body, please!  But since he turned all our heroes, we are never getting rid of him.  

    Was anyone else the tiniest, meanest bit happy that Jeremy trying to run Elena’s life gave him a sucker punch at the end?  When will they all learn that trying to be underhanded, unless you are the designated villain, costs those around you?

    What about Matt?  He was out when Stefan got to him.  Why didn’t Elena swim out the open door after Matt got out instead of sitting there waiting to die?  Hopefully being a vampire will get rid if her more annoying tendencies.

  2. Ohh she is definitley in Rebbeca 4 the season 4 ohh yes she will ,no debut i m sorry for my agression to her i really feel like i o her an apologies for all i said to her now she is back on season 4 ohh yes she will coz elija is bach so she got to bring her back Rebbeca

  3. @Melissa *high five*
    I wasn’t sure if they were going to turn her for sure but I am so glad they did.
    I was nervous I was going to hate this epi because I knew she was picking Stefan, but in the end I didn’t even care who she picked. It wasn’t about that.
    Julie Plec did an interview that said “we would see Stelena together for a little while at least in season 4” So I think she initailly stays with her choice but her life as a vampire is going to be pretty different so we will see. Maybe the safe love isn’t going to be what she needs anymore.

    The brothers were so much love and I love how they have kept them intact and evolved their relationship.
    This changes everything. I was confused with the flashback at first of Damon and Elena. It took me a minute to get what was going on.
    Kudos to the writers cause the triangle is alive and well and the possiblitles for Season 4 are now endless.

    Didnt’ love Klaus taking over Tylors body. I liked the character of Klaus but I would have rathered he just stay asleep for awhile.

    Interested to see Vamp Elena . praying she has a little bit of Katherine in her. Fiesty and fun would be a good change for her cause the melodrama woa is me stuff is so overdone.

    Can you imagine how hot a Delena make out session would be now that she is unbreakable. LOL

    Over all a fantastic finale.

  4. i want Klaus to come back in season 4!!!! please Judie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For fans!!!!!!!!!!!

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