Advertising on Vampire Diaries Online and Donations Needed

Just letting you guys know that I have a couple of advertising spots available on Vampire Diaries Online. If any one is interested in placing an ad to promote their books, website or merchandise, that’s of course Vampire Diaries, Supernatural or Paranormal related, please feel free to fill out our form on our advertising page, and also include any questions you may have. Site statistics are also available upon request.

If any of you would like to just help out with the site by donating, you can do so below. I try not to do this very often, but sometimes, about once or twice a year, I request donations. Our family could really use it right now, because my husband has been on short term disability for the past 2 months. But good news, he returns next week, so hopefully things will get back to normal financially. Any amount would be appreciate, and I understand if you can can’t. Times are tough for many these days.

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