Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.14 – Dangerous Liaisons – Preview Clip

The CW has released a preview clip for this week’s episode 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”. Damon, Stefan and Elena discuss an invitation Elena receives to a ball.


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  1. Hey Stefan, if you don’t want your brother to get the girl, fight for her instead of glaring and making snarky comments. They kissed once, they aren’t dating and didn’t have sex. You, meanwhile, broke up with her and scared her with the bridge then said your relationship was months over. Man up, tell her you love her and that you want her back. If not, Elena, wake up and realize Damon is right there’d waiting.

  2. well from my point of view Stepen is jelous of the work of Demon,s job protector coz Stepen was the protector of Elena and when elena told Stepen that Elena Kiss Demon when he,s dying when Klaus byte Demon Demon was dying and that part Elena Kiss Demon and in some episode Elena told Stepon that Elena Kiss Demon and now the protector is demon and now when in this part ask Demon to Stepan that can Stepan get back to elena life or die Stepon tell Demon that port is your job now so elena give the picture of Stepan so Demon take the picture and now demon is taking car of it now

  3. in TVD everythings possible guys lol, btw, where r u from? Im from Serbia/Belgrade..I hate when i cant watch some shows caz its deleted or its just because im on this location..thats not fair…

  4. I would totally ship Rebekah and Stefan. If they put Stelena back together I hope they let Stefan explore other options first…

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