Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.02 – The Hybrid – Webclip

The CW has released a preview clip from this week’s episode “The Hybrid”. I agree with @JarettSays, Elena doesn’t seem too “bothered” by the news that Stefan killed Andie…what happened here??? lol


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  1. Lol :) absolutely no reaction from elena aka porcelain doll ! i didnt know elena cant function without a guy !!!

  2. I’ve seen this before in other promos. It looks like the scene is complete but it isnt. Maybe in the final version it will look different…?

  3. when one is trully in love and the love has been taken away one becomes a walking statue…..nothing matters …no one matters this is how suicides occure….Elena is just acting the part!!!!!

  4. when there is true love and respect in a relationship and 1 person does something so cruel and heartless and the other person is full of excuses or numb to reaction, that relationship is not epic…it’s tragic. must be a reason she always holds damon accountable for his actions and is never so quick to 4give him. how much can u truely care 4 a person when u act like u truely don’t care when they mess up. that’s what is really messed up about stelena to me.

  5. Elena has seen enough cruel moments since Stefan/Damon came into her life. If she held Stefan and Damon accountable for every killing, then she wouldn’t even be part of their lives. It’s too late for her to start crying now about their blood lust. Damon killed plenty of women last season including Lexi, and Elena still kissed him on his death bed and said she liked him just the way he is?? So why is it surprising that she’s ignoring the demon Stefan is turning into? Elena knows Stefan is in this mess because he loves Damon and wanted to save him. She knows he changed once and he can do it again. That’s true love. She has faith in her MAN STEFAN. Plus, Elena hasn’t really come face to face with the reality of who Stefan is becoming again. I’m sure we’ll see her horror soon. LOL

  6. Elena’s not ignoring the “demon” Stefan is becoming, the season so far has been her bent on finding him… but soon she’ll say I give up or something I read somewhere

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