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  1. wow the webclips are priceless i love how damons like “you dont have to see her if you dont want to” it was so cute lol and i love the look on stefans face like-since when did you guys get so close lol i cant wait for this ep its gonna be great like all the rest ha i cant wait to see isobel she seems like a bitch love it lol poor alaric she dont even seem like she cares about him anymore

  2. Thank you Ruthie for Posting these.. and i Agree Isobel does look like a bitch, hence why she and Damon get along sooo well.. the look on Stefan’s face was priceless.. this is going to be a good episode

  3. Ruthie, Thanks for the clips and for maintaning such a great site. I love loggin on to this site for all the great postings.

  4. Stefan & Elena are just plain adorable. I feel bad for Alaric thought, Isobel is being a real jerk. I dont think im going to like her, just the vibe shes giving off.

  5. I don’t like Isobel, she is a total bitch
    (in the promo) Loved the Damon and Elena scene… He is totally protective of her… Stefan is like huh! :p Can’t wait!

  6. Love how protective Stefan is with Elena. When they are at the grill saying I love you, WOW LOVE IT! The look in Stefan’s eye’s when he see’s Isobel. He looks like if she makes a move he’ll be all over her. Love Stefan and Elena and there incredibly loving and sooo romantic relationship. Really need more romance before season one is over. Need it to tied us over until season two.

  7. The chemistry between Elena and Stefan really does jump out at you when your watching them. Nothing else that is going on or if anyone else is there is not important. I can’t take my eyes off them. I love them together. They really are perfect together. There both so sexy. Love when they said I LOVE YOU. (butterflies in my stomach) Loveeee them. As for Damon is and Bonnie would have incredible chemistry. Hope they get together.

  8. I completely agree. When Stefan and Elena are on screen together you can’t take your eyes off them. Nothing else matters. There chemistry and sex appeal is FANTASTIC. In my view it really is so romantic. The kind of romance alot of women dream of. They are both so hot. You can truly feel there love. I gives me such an incredible feeling. I know that sounds silly, but it really does. I love them so much together.

  9. Sorry, got caught up with the emotion. Meant to say IT GIVES ME AN INCREDIBLE FEELING.

  10. awwww, I love that lil scene of Elena talking to Stefan while he’s at the pool table and he voices “love you” back.

    Dammit, I adore them.

  11. The grill scene was cute! But I love the Damon beeing protective of Elena thing to.
    I think Damon will have sex with Elena’s mother, but do the right thing for Elena in the end, safe her or something like that. Maybee Isobel will be the first to say that Damon has feelings for Elena? What do you think? Oww, who will die? I think Careline or Matt?

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