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  1. you trying to kill me TVD lol I cant take these episodes there too sad, even worse that its damon now he is my favorite :(, you trying to make me cry!? lol

  2. Yayyay Stefan!! find the cureee– there’s bound to be some cost though :\ it’s Damon here. Can’t waitt

  3. Seriously think that Stefan will have to sacrifice something to get that cure… Found sad that Damon can only insult his brother at such a moment… But he’s Damon, he goes back to what he knows best when he’s scared.

  4. I have just been watching the vd archives of season one first episode…..and it’s funny how things have changed between the two brothers….Stefan couldn’t wait to rid of Damon and now he is going to kill somone or himself to save him………

  5. Bonnie saves everyones tooshies. Srsly, the vamps need to step up with the appreciation where Bonnie is concerned. <3 Damon goes back to sarcasm when he's frightened, but I think he knows that Stefan will fight to save him. That's the way they are now. More bromance!

  6. everyone seems worried about damon but i think stefan will be in trouble. klaus wants him alive to serve some sort of purpose and i think klaus will be the one to take stefan away or compel him or something.

    Also, i was thinking about how katherine was to get out of Alaric’s apartment….while klaus was inside his body he told her she couldn’t leave until he said so….well, i’m guessing that alaric’s gonna go back to his house, and say something like “i wish you would leave!” and she’ll just be able to because it was “alaric” who said so.

  7. i think bonnie needs to appreciate how everyone saved her ass cuz it seemed like everyone was more concerned about her not dying than anyone else. except for damon ofcourse. when elena said if she drank the elixer and she didnt wake up than she guesses she’ll just be dead and all stefan did was look at damon and shrug his shoulders like oh well. i have to respect her choice but when it came to bonnie he said her dying was not an option. wasnt that her choice? whats with having more concern for bonnie than your own girlfriend? dont get me wrong i dont want bonnie dead either but that whole part didnt make sense. if they let her do what she wanted than maybe she wouldnt have failed at doing what she was suppose to do which is kill klaus. now they have him and two faced elizah to worry about. maybe instead of bamon fans there should be stamon i’m sure bonnie had to fail cuz i’m sure s3 is about the originals so i’m pretty sure bonnie wont die cuz they’ll need some witch magic to help them in dealing with all that. once again for any bonnie fans i’m not bashing her so relax with the responses. we know it was too early for klaus to die. i just wish there could have been more time with greta and her and bonnie could have battled it out. i would have liked to have seen our witch kick klaus’ witches ass.but thats not gonna happen thanx to damon. i hope they move the d/e thing along and give some of us d/e fans something to hope for for s3. i guess we’ll see 2morrow.

  8. My wish for the final, could we get Lucy back?! Such a cool character!!! That would be AMAZING to have her save the day!!! :D Just hope she won’t be the new Klaus plaything… :( As for Klaus I’m seriously wondering what he wants with Stefan, my only guess right now?! First born in the hybrid army, like use him as a guinea pig. That would be epic!!! And quite a way to change the love triangle having Stefan on the dark side (yummy) instead! And I hope we will get some John flashback… They killed one of my Top 3!!! :(

    About Bonnie and Stefan. Stefan will always listen (so far anyway) to what Elena wants. She wanted to take the risk to die and he accepted that. Also she doesn’t want to be a Vampire and he accepts it because he knows it is not a good life; given the choice he would be human. As for Bonnie, Elena didn’t want Bonnie to die, so Stefan made sure to protect her. Some may call Stefan a lapdog when it comes to Elena, but I see him more like someone who has lived the same situation once and knows the mistake of going against someone wishes. Elijah’s words to Damon about Elena never forgiving him had an impact because he probably saw himself in Elena; he did to Elena what Stefan had done to him.

    And I agree with you… Where was the Greta vs Bonnie Mortal Kombat?! I was so excited about that possible scene, but Greta’s death was SOOO anti-climatic.

    @Grace & Wahinetoa
    I think both Bonnie and the brothers have shown in their actions that they are thankful for being saved in the last episodes (Well except for that moment of D/E). But lets face it, when do we see Bonnie and the Salvatore on screen together?! When it’s time for strategies or kick some b@tts. LOL I don’t see any of them placing a “Thank you” anywhere there. I find it sad actually that they don’t have more scenes, because I thought the scene with Alaric!Klaus, Damon, Stefan, Elena & Bonnie at the Boarding house was hilarious(Stefan and Elena’s faces were priceless) and the animosity was pretty much gone from what it used to be.

    I’m with you on Stefan. He is going to be in serious trouble, but you know what, in a way I’m VERY happy about it. I’m tired of reading how Damon is the core of the show, when it is both brothers and Elena. Putting Stefan in a dangerous situation will probably turn the spotlight on him.

    Seriously, I love Damon(Top 3 fav characters and before someone comment no Bonnie is at #4), but lets face it, the fanatics won’t allow anything “interesting” happening to him. They were all crying murder over the were-bite and how Damon couldn’t die, which I still strongly believe would have been an AMAZING twist to end season 2. And he could have been brought back in season 3. Anyway let’s face it Damon dies and comes back to life in the books, I don’t see why not in the show!! But if the situation is changed and it’s actually Stefan, I’ll be just as glad. I love shows that have the guts to push the limits and do daring cliffhangers. (Side note: biggest surprise I’ve seen in a final was Torchwood S2, when in the last 15 minutes, they killed 2 of the 5 main characters, never cried that much over a series LoL)

    Damon was introduced in the series as cruel and evil and killed anyone (but Elena obviously) who Stefan cared about. The only thing he cared about was getting Katherine out of the tomb and ‘protecting’ the Bennett line as promised to Emily. He had shut down his emotions. So it’s not a surprise that Stefan wanted to get rid of him, but Damon switched back on his emotion which changed him and made Stefan see him as his brother again.

  9. i think you’re right about stefan being the first ginea pig. i always wanted his character to have more dimension but not as a hybrid so i hope it doesnt work and maybe instead stefans darker side comes out when he sees elena too has feelings for damon. i dont want stefan to go completely over to a different side.

  10. hey, can anybody tell me where i can watch a live stream that also works in europe (germany)? Oo i really dont wanna wait another 24hours -.-

    omg i read so many spoilers & speculations, i cant say what will happen! but damon will NOT die, thats for sure…
    i dont know why but i believed that the characters with a j as first letter die & jules, john & jenna died… so my conclusion: jeremy dies too… that would be really sad!
    i know, my thought isnt very reasoned, but its a feeling Oo

    ps: sorry for my english xD hope its not tooo bad =)

  11. @becca: as fare as i am concerned you have to wait….there is no live stream

  12. @ becca i dont think there is a live stream, i think i would know

  13. @Marie yes its understood that Damon has changed … observations was the irony of it all… it makes me wonder in season three who else will..”change” and we become sympathetic …… the storyline has matured and grown from one season to the next…..I love the writers!!!!

  14. My guess is Stefan will have to sacrifice being with Elena, either he’ll be trapped somewhere or will be told he has to give up one thing he loves (Elena) to save another (his brother).

  15. ok I totaly knew tonights episode was going to happen we needed to see
    Stefan change yes it was time he came back ……….but is he really what he seems or just tricking us and Klaus into believing it……like klaus knew that Katerine was on vervaine……..and Elijah will be our hero next season he has a score to keep………….but the ending sucked what the hell was that all about……..old girlfiends….it reminded me of the movie “Ghosts of Girlfriends past”

  16. Well, I was right about Klaus and Stefan… Nothing was really surprising for me in that final except the last 30 seconds. So Jeremy is now a ghost whisperer?! (I feel like I’m in a twisted version of Being Human)

    Am I the only one happy with Stefan becoming evil?! Stefan is like “my” Angel in BtVs, nicest man on earth, but make him lose his ‘soul’ and he becomes the baddest villain!!! That is the thing I look for in season 3. I was so crossing my fingers for Klaus to want Stefan in his team. TEAM STEFAN all the way for next season. Because once he goes back on the good side, OMG it will be tragically beautiful! That is what I call sacrifice, renouncing everything you are and you have to correct your past mistakes. *high five* Stefan, but welcome to hell next season.

  17. @sophie @isabelle:
    yeah i thought so too but i read on another fansite that there is a livestream.
    but i was really tired & the live stream would have started at 2 o’clock so i just went to bed & slept (& dreamed about vd xD)

    so i just watched it :D
    omg it was really sad, i cried from the beginning to the end. & then ANNA & VICKY showed up!!! im so happy now, i cant help but beam all the time :D season 3 will be epic!
    jer has lost so many people he loved & now he gets 2 back… but we dont know now if it turns out to be good or bad Oo poor bonnie, but thats her price for getting him back :(
    i so loved anna & i was absoluteley pissed of when she got killed off -.- but thats past xD

    maybe im the only one, but i didnt like how stefan ‘changed’…. its like hes been compelled without being compelled. i had the feeling he still doesnt want to do it in the end & suffers only for damon. i just couldnt see that he became the ripper again.
    but i loved how much he tried to save his brother & finally succeeded :)

    about delena: the kiss was so beautiful & it was so cool that elena kissed damon not the other way round. there were so many spoilers about a delena kiss & i expected damon to kiss elena thinking its katherine or by force or something… but that kiss was just gorgeous! i hope they will be a true couple. but that needs some time, so i expect it for the second fourth or so of season 3… if it happens Oo

    theres so much more to say, but i already wrote a lot xD so thats it for now ;)

    ps: i never watched buffy, but i think thats what i do during the hiatius…

  18. Just wanting to know if anyone knows when season three will be aired? Cheers

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