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  1. OMG. Stefan is robbing the blood bank. And he’s LYING about it. Why doesn’t he just admit he has a problem? It’s not like he’s killing anyone…yet. Is it because he doesn’t want Elena to think he’s anything but perfect? Or perhaps because Damon actually WANTS him to drink blood and be a mess? Haha.

  2. I think it sad for Stefan… He looks lost! But Damon is great! :p haha, love him!

  3. hi everybody, I just watched the clips. My take,is that often things are taken out of context to throw us. (1/2 the fun of guessing). Stefan turned the ohter blond in the pagent many yrs ago. He is telling her” No turning back”. She is in the pagent/town to get Stefan back, but alas, he is really in love w/Elena. Of course, that relationship is going to be tested lots further – E can’t stand a lies. So excited for next epi. :-) none are dull, LOL

  4. wow Vickie.. where did that come from? .. for real, the blond is back to get Stefan.. oh this is just too good.

  5. LOL who knows, I have said more than once, my imagination……….prob one of my out there moments LOL

  6. haha Vicky, that would rock! I can’t imagine stefan in love with anyone but Elena or Katherine :p but I’m in for that! Damon beeing there for Elena … ok, totally wishfull thinking now! :)

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