Vampire Diaries Episode 6.11 “Woke Up with a Monster” Synopsis


The CW has released the synopsis for episode 6.11 “Woke Up with a Monster”. The episode airs January 22nd as the show returns from holiday hiatus. SPOILER ALERT!! View the rest of the photos HERE.

CONTROLLING YOUR MAGIC — More powerful than ever, Kai (guest star Chris Wood) holds Elena (Nina Dobrev) captive while he learns to control his newly acquired magic.  At the Salvatore mansion, Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) and Alaric (Matt Davis) try to prepare Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) for the impending merge ceremony with Kai, but they quickly realize Jo is weaker than they thought.  After bringing Sheriff Forbes (guest star Marguerite MacIntyre) home from the hospital, Caroline (Candice Accola) travels with Stefan (Paul Wesley) to North Carolina in search of a cure for her mother’s cancer.  Meanwhile, Stefan, who has his own intentions for traveling to North Carolina, is caught off guard when Enzo (Michael Malarkey) shows up demanding to know what Stefan is hiding.  Lastly, when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) discovers Elena has been kidnapped by Kai, he is forced to rethink his strategy after an unexpected visitor throws a wrench into his plan.  Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen and Zach Roerig also star.  Paul Wesley directed the episode written by Melinda Hsu Taylor (#611).  Original airdate 1/22/2015.


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  1. That’s awesome to hear that Caroline &them have decided to keep searching for some type of cure for sheriff Liz Forbes. I mean seriously in a town full of vamps , witches, werewolves,& dopplegangërs you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to cure Liz of a lil ole cancer tumor! ;) THEY CANNOT LOOSE SHERIFF FORBES!

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